• Jobs For Nurses

    Wellmont Health System has a diverse, multi-generational nursing staff. Our nurses live Wellmont's mission, vision and values each day. Our nurses give to others, and they have the power to impact lives at work and at home. They continue to provide care in neighborhoods, schools and churches, because the story of a nurse never ends. Once you become a nurse, you are always a nurse.

    Why choose a nursing career at Wellmont?

    Nurses at Wellmont have created a culture that revolves around patient and family, prizes teamwork, is based on evidence, respects the nurse, strives to continually improve and encourages nurses to delight in the people they encounter every day. Our nurses are proud of a profession that is one of the most respected in the county.

    Shared governance

    Wellmont Health System supports a participative style of governance and decision-making for nurses. The function of shared governance is to involve staff nurses in professional practice issues, professional development avenues, leadership at the unit level and development of the overall culture of nursing at Wellmont. The voice of shared governance is that of all nurses. The shared governance model serves as a vehicle to enhance professionalism, promote nursing satisfaction, authenticate leadership, remain patient-focused and ultimately to prepare the future for nursing.

    Clinical achievement program

    The clinical achievement program for nursing provides on opportunity for nurses at Wellmont to pursue a path of professionalism and career development. The program is built on professional behavior, patient focus and life-long learning. The program is also a means by which nurses can expand their professional growth and increase their compensation.

    University partners and associations

    Wellmont has partnered with several area nursing programs and associations to offer additional nursing opportunities.

  • How do I get started with a nursing career at Wellmont?

    Wellmont offers nursing internship, externship and residency programs for those pursing education and a career in nursing.

  • Nursing externship program

    Wellmont's summer nurse extern program is an employment opportunity for nursing students interested in pursuing a nursing career. Summer nurse extern roles are valued at Wellmont Health System and give nursing students who are within a year of graduation the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and knowledge working with experienced nursing staff in a state-of-the-art healthcare environment.

    Nursing internship program

    Wellmont Health System's nursing internship program is designed to give you the practical, hands-on experience you need to launch your professional career in nursing.

    Search for nursing jobs

    Wellmont offers more than a job. We offer the opportunity to build the career of your dreams with exciting and challenging work environments in which the ideas and innovations of employees are valued and rewarded. And Wellmont's hospitals and medical facilities are located in the beautiful Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, an area that has been ranked one of the best places to live by Money magazine.

    Successful Transition and Retention Training Program

    These programs help new graduates successfully transition from nursing school to professional practice by providing an emotional support network and education to develop critical thinking skills and new graduate competence.

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    If you want to excel in theĀ nursingĀ field and join a health care leader, search our current nursing opportunities today.

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    The Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia offers a quality lifestyle in a remarkable setting.

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    If you have what it takes, have a burning desire to excel in the field of nursing and want to join a healthcare leader, contact a nurse recruiter today.