• Successful Transition and Training Program

    New nursing graduate training

    Wellmont Health System's Successful Transition and Training Program – STAT – is designed to successfully transition new nursing school graduates to professional practice.

    Why choose Wellmont’s STAT program?

    Wellmont's STAT program is a comprehensive orientation program that offers a number of benefits for qualified graduate nurses.

    • Join one of the largest employers and health care leaders in the Tri-Cities region
    • Application of clinical knowledge and new skills in a state-of-the-art health care environment
    • Opportunity to excel in the field of nursing through professional growth and autonomy
    • Partnership with experienced mentors
    • Support network and education to develop critical thinking skills and new graduate competence


    All new graduate nurses or licensed nurses with less than six months of experience at Wellmont Health System are required to participate in the STAT program in order to achieve a smooth transition from a student nurse setting to a registered nurse at Holston Valley Medical Center or Bristol Regional Medical Center.

    How do I get started?

    To begin an online application, visit Job Search and apply for each individual Graduate Nurse and/or Registered Nurse position of interest at Wellmont Health System.

  • Contact a nurse recruiter

    If you have what it takes, have a burning desire to excel in the field of nursing and want to join a healthcare leader, contact a nurse recruiter today.