• What Do Our Nurses Say About the Wellmont Experience?

    “Growing up at Wellmont provided me with many opportunities to grow through education and support, and to top it off, my co-workers are like family.”

  • Amy Bailey

    Associate Clinical Leader
    Holston Valley Medical Center

    “I began my nursing career 25 years ago as a registered nurse, and I am now an associate clinical leader at Holston Valley Medical Center.

    When you are an employee at Wellmont, the leaders want to invest in your success. There are several co-workers I started my career with who are still here, because they are satisfied with their roles at Wellmont.  

    Working at Wellmont is like working with family. Everyone is kind and hard-working. You can always count on seeing a friendly face when you’re here.

    And as a leader, I am included in decision-making. Working with the leadership team is great – it’s a strong team, and they want what is best for the employees and patients.”

  • Trista Ruff

    RN, Clinical Leader
    Holston Valley Medical Center

    “My mother was a nurse at Wellmont, so when I decided on nursing, it just seemed fitting I would begin my career there, too. It was always my home, even before it became my place of employment.

    I started as a PCT and worked my way to be an RN and clinical leader. Working at Wellmont provided me with many opportunities to grow through education and support, and to top it off, my co-workers are like family.

    In my current role, I am involved in the hiring process. It gives me a chance to tell others why Wellmont is so special. And I also have the ability to make hiring decisions that ensure those who come onboard are the right fit and hold the same values as Wellmont.

    Nursing is hard work, both physically and emotionally. But the reward is far greater than any sacrifice. The connection made between patients or family members is the greatest feeling in the world.”

  • Tabitha Turner

    Holston Valley Medical Center

    I started at Holston Valley Medical Center as a PCT while earning my RN. I had such a wonderful experience during my clinicals at Holston Valley, and my family always received the best care there. I knew I wanted to work there after finishing my degree – and I’ve been here for 28 years.

    During my time here, I was able to earn certification in obstetrics. Everyone at Wellmont was supportive of my goals and encouraged me throughout the process.

    My team is a second family. We work together like a well-oiled machine and even help each other outside of work. Some of my co-workers started when I did. And although we’ve all grown as nurses, we always try to help each other and new nurses learn the ropes.

    One of the best parts of my job is that I’m part of the clinical committee where we work on improvements for the Birthplace. Right now, we are improving communication with pediatricians, nurses and new moms. Patients are our priority, and anything we can do to help them, we will”.

  • Kathryn Visneski

    Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Wellmont Cancer Institute

    “I grew up about a half- block from Holston Valley Medical Center – as a teenager,  I was even a candy striper there. And when I was old enough, I was a medical assistant in the oncology office. Eventually, I went to school to be a nurse, and I of course, came back to Wellmont.

    I’ve worked my way up in the health system, and Wellmont has supported me throughout my journey. From an oncology nurse to becoming board-certified as an advanced practice holistic nurse, my leaders and team were there for me.

    I’ve seen the hospital grow, and even with all the changes, one thing remains the same – Wellmont always does what is right. I am proud to be part of an organization that does whatever it can to help our patients.

    I don’t consider what I do a job: It’s a calling. And it’s not for everyone. But the people I work with are empathetic, kind and compassionate, and I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else.”

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