• Carmen Frazier

  • My miracle baby and miracle motherhood
  • Carmen Frazier always wanted to be a mother.

    And late in the summer of 2000, she had her chance – after a high-risk pregnancy, she was finally due to deliver daughter Molly at Holston Valley Medical Center.

    However, a difficult delivery led to more complications for Carmen, and she spent the first weeks of Molly’s life in the hospital. Luckily, the excellent women’s and children’s team helped her through.

  • Carmen tells her story

    My name is Carmen Frazier. My story began Aug. 15, 2000. I arrived at Holston Valley Medical Center very early that day, excited to know that I was having my miracle baby.

    After a high-risk pregnancy involving an extremely large uterine fibroid, and at times very little to no hope from more than one doctor, I had faith everything was in God's hands, and that I was in a facility with an excellent staff.

    However, little did I know just how excellent they would prove to be. After a few hours on the drip to induce my labor, a team of what seemed to be a dozen people rushed in to prep me for an emergency C-section. Apparently, my baby had rolled over on the umbilical cord, and her oxygen supply had been cut off. One of the nurses actually went ahead and manually turned her, and I was able to continue with a normal delivery.

    Later that night, after my beautiful, perfect baby was born, I developed a fever. Tests revealed I had developed E-Coli, as well as a bacterial infection with a name that seemed it had every letter of the alphabet in the name.

    For the next 19 days, doctors tried and tested every means of treatment to cure me without surgery. During that time, I could not have asked for better care from my nurses on the maternity ward. They were attentive to my every need. And at times, my baby would show up in my room in a swing, bows in her hair and handmade blankets from the auxiliary staff wrapped around her. They were giving her the attention I couldn't. When she had to go home without me, my nurses held my hand, held me and let me cry on them.

    I did eventually have to have a hysterectomy to get well and go home 21 days after delivery. Of course, it wasn't the way I wanted to start motherhood, nor was it the magical experience I had hoped for. But I could not have asked for a better staff to see me through this difficult time.

    I often think of these ladies and wish I could let them know just how special they were to me… and I will never forget their kindness.

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