WellmontOne Air Transport

    WellmontOne Air Transport air ambulance service in Upper East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia

  • Air ambulance services for Northeast TN and Southwest VA

    Because speed is so important in emergency and trauma situations, Wellmont Health System has taken to the skies with WellmontOne Air Transport.

    Based in Sullivan County at Bristol Motor Speedway, the WellmontOne helicopter is positioned to respond swiftly to traffic accidents and other emergencies across the region.

    WellmontOne routinely transports patients from the farthest corners of our communities to Wellmont's two trauma centers – the Level I center at Holston Valley Medical Center or the Level II center at Bristol Regional Medical Center.

    The helicopter and crew

    WellmontOne is a Bell 407 helicopter capable of transporting one patient.

    FAA-certified pilots and aviation services are supplied by PHI Air Medical, the nation's premier air ambulance provider.

    In addition to the pilots, WellmontOne is staffed by highly trained flight nurses, nationally registered flight paramedics and an operational medical director.

    Our entire team receives extensive training in aircraft safety, flight physiology, survival skills, human error and communications to name a few.

    Night vision – eyes in the dark

    Every WellmontOne night flight has two pairs of military-quality night-vision goggles. These goggles allow the pilot and medical staff to perform their life-saving duties, even in the darkest of situations.

    Coverage area

    WellmontOne's primary coverage area is 60 nautical miles around Bristol, TN. However, patients can also be transported between facilities up to 200 nautical miles apart.

    WellmontOne services

    WellmontOne performs critical care emergency stabilization and transport. Additionally, it provides occasional pre-approved non-emergency medical transport.

    Patient transport

    In addition to serving adult, pediatric and neonatal patients not requiring transport by isolette, WellmontOne provides stabilization, care and transport for patients with:

    • Severe trauma
    • Severe medical illness
    • Severe cardiac illness
    • Cardiac assist devices
    • Severe pulmonary illness
    • Severe neurological illness
    • Severe surgical and multisystem trauma
    • Spinal cord injury
    • High-risk pregnancy with no predicted imminent delivery
    • Life-threatening pediatric illness
    • Life-threatening neonatal illness (not requiring an isolette)
    • Life-threatening adult illness
    • Limb amputation and reattachment
    • Severe burns
    • Organ procurement and transplantation
    • Life or limb-threatening ailment

    Associate services

    Personnel and supply transport
    WellmontOne occasionally provides urgent transport of pharmaceutical supplies, laboratory samples, blood, medical equipment and personnel. The helicopter proceeds directly to the scene of an illness or injury when so requested.

    Search and rescue
    WellmontOne assists with limited search and transport missions as approved and directed through PHI Air Medical and their program administrators.

    Service requests and access

    WellmontOne/PHI honors patient transport requests from:

    • Hospitals
    • Physicians and nurses
    • Police and fire departments
    • Rescue and ambulance services
    • Centralized emergency dispatch centers
    • Air traffic control facilities
    • Industrial safety officers

    WellmontOne procedures and safety guidelines

    There are certain procedures our EMS and dispatch partners follow, as well as guidelines we ask everyone follow to ensure safe landings and takeoffs and the safety of our crews, patients and others. Learn more about those important  WellmontOne procedures and safety guidelines here.

    Med-Flight II

    Wellmont has also partnered with Virginia State Police for Med-Flight II, which provides air transport services to and from all Wellmont hospitals.

    Specially equipped helicopters, housed at Virginia Highlands Airport in Abingdon, are staffed by a medical crew provided by Wellmont and a pilot provided by the Virginia State Police.

  • WellmontOne


    Base: Bristol Motor Speedway

    Helicopter: Bell 407 helicopter, single patient configuration

    Service area:

    • 60 nautical miles around Bristol, TN
    • Interfacility transport up to 200 nautical miles

    WellmontOne Air Transport Helicopter Close View


    WellmontOne Air Transport’s mission is to provide professional, efficient and compassionate patient care, with constant dedication to safety in the rotor wing transport environment. 


    Our vision is to lead the evolution of air medical transport services by providing superior health care and diligence in safety.


    • Integrity
    • Efficiency
    • Reliability
    • Patient advocacy
    • Coordination of services
    • Collaboration in care
    • Respect