• Information and Resources for Providers

    Wellmont Health System is a leading health care provider in the Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

    In this section, you'll find helpful information and resources specifically for health care providers.

    Continuing medical education

    Wellmont offers continuing medical education for all medical staff members, resident physicians, community physicians and other health professionals.

    CME opportunities

    Level One Heart Attack Network

    Level One Heart Attack Network (LOHAN) training is available to emergency medical services providersĀ and emergency department staff members. This program is helping save the lives of more heart attack patients faster, increasing their chances for full recovery.


    Patient transfers

    For patient transfers, the only number you need is 1-866-582-4220.

    Transferring patients between facilities can be time consuming and, at times, frustrating for you and your staff, as well as for your patients and their families. That's why Wellmont has streamlined the transfer process.


    ServiceConnect portal

    The Wellmont ServiceConnect portal allows you to subscribe to important information that directly affects you. And with ServiceConnect, you can easily submit requests for access and hardware, research an extensive knowledge base or create help tickets and view status updates.


    Career opportunities

    Wellmont wants to help you build the career of your dreams and share your passion for caregiving with your patients and co-workers.

    Learn more about the opportunities available:

  • Healthcare Insurance Marketplace

    Wellmont Diabetes Symposium

    Join us June 20 for the 14th Annual Diabetes Symposium to hear about the latest in diabetes treatment and research.