Cardiovascular Medical Assistant Program

Course Description: A comprehensive didactic course designed to deliver basic cardiovascular education and skills. Course content will include  basic cardiac anatomy/physiology and terminology; overview of cardiovascular disease including CAD and EP disorders; overview of cardiovascular treatments, including medications, invasive procedures, and EECP;  diagnostic testing common to cardiovascular care, including PAD testing, such as ABI; basic EKG instruction; obtaining patient history information; and holter/event monitoring techniques. The primary focus of this cardiology specific course will be on cross training the medical assistant for cardiology service or cardiology specific training, for recent graduates from an accredited program.

Course Length: Four day course

Enrollment: 10 student maximum per course

Faculty: Registered nurses with vast cardiovascular background

Target Audience: Medical assistants requiring a comprehensive introduction to cardiovascular care

Location: The Heart Center, Kingsport, TN

Tuition: $3,000