• About Wellmont Foundation 

    As a non-profit hospital network, Wellmont Health System is a charitable organization just like any other 501(c)(3) entity. Wellmont provides healthcare services regardless of a patient's ability to pay – totaling millions of dollars of care each year – and Wellmont’s hospitals are owned and governed by the communities they serve.

    Wellmont Foundation exists to support the mission, vision and values of Wellmont through the use of community involvement and philanthropic support. As the fundraising arm of Wellmont, Wellmont Foundation serves all of its hospitals and service lines throughout the region.

    Wellmont Foundation has two primary functions:

    • Actively seeking donations through carefully measured activities
    • Consistently ensuring all donations are used properly

    In these regards, Wellmont Foundation is striving to become a national model of excellence among hospital foundations across the country.

    Frequently asked questions

    Why does Wellmont Foundation need philanthropic support?

    Operating margins for health care are typically small, and hospital needs are many. Your partnership and support through Wellmont Foundation are essential to make a difference in the care Wellmont provides in Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City and throughout the Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

    With the challenges of today’s healthcare environment, giving is an important part of providing the increased margin needed for excellence. From rapidly changing technologies to decreases in reimbursements and nursing shortages, hospitals and healthcare organizations face many challenges.

    Your support allows Wellmont hospitals to think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations. Your support empowers devoted, energetic and highly capable healthcare providers to achieve new heights of service excellence. Your support equips Wellmont’s doctors, nurses and technicians to meet real needs that can make the ultimate difference, perhaps even in your life or the life of someone you love.

    Communities in the Tri-Cities region are great places to live and work, and Wellmont Foundation firmly believes that its neighbors, friends and families deserve nothing less than the best. To that end, there are two key questions we must ask, “What does it take to have the best healthcare possible?” and “What can I do to help?”

    Your gifts through Wellmont Foundation result in saved lives and renewed hope.

    May I specify how I want Wellmont Foundation to use my gift?

    Absolutely! You may designate your donation for a special area when making a gift using our online donation form or by using the printable donation form. You also may consult our development staff to help determine the best "match" between your charitable and financial goals and our hospitals needs. Please send us an e-mail or call (423) 230-8550 to learn more.

    May I give anonymously?

    Yes. We honor requests for anonymity. Please state your wishes in writing or contact one of our development staff members.

    What makes Wellmont Foundation a good investment for my gift?

    Every investment in a Wellmont hospital, facility or program truly comes back to you and to your community. At Wellmont Foundation, your entire gift goes to support advances in healthcare for the hospital or program of your choice, since all fundraising costs are covered by an endowment that has been established over time.

    Will my gift really make a difference?

    Health care is expensive, requiring large budgets. But in today’s healthcare environment, every dollar spent results in only two to five cents that can be reinvested in making hospitals better. Your gift, on the other hand, has a tremendous impact – especially when it is combined with support from hundreds of others in our local communities.

    Is Wellmont Foundation a not-for-profit organization?

    Yes. Wellmont Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Federal Tax ID# 58-1594191), and contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Wellmont Foundation is eligible to receive matching gifts from corporations and organizations.

    Who governs Wellmont Foundation?

    Wellmont Foundation oversight is provided by a volunteer Board of Governors that meets throughout the year. Board members are not compensated for their participation. View a complete list of Wellmont Foundation’s Board of Governors.

    What is the role of planned giving at Wellmont Foundation?

    Planned giving is an important tool to consider for meeting your personal and philanthropic goals.

    There are three basic types of planned gifts:

    • Will bequest
    • Charitable gift annuity
    • Charitable trust

    And planned gifts can help:

    • Support the mission of your hospital
    • Provide income for you and your loved ones
    • Reduce income and estate taxes

    Learn more about making contributions through estate planning using our planned giving information.

    How do I include Wellmont Foundation in my will?

    Including Wellmont Foundation in your will is a very simple process. You may use your will to benefit the Wellmont hospital, facility or program of your choice by instructing that Wellmont Foundation receive a specific amount, a percentage of your estate or a remainder amount. By making Wellmont Foundation aware of your plans, your wishes can be fully understood and implemented. Please consult your attorney and financial advisors as appropriate, and review sample language that may be helpful.

    Wellmont Foundation Board of Governors

    Executive Committee

    • Ted Fields, chairman
    • Norris Sneed, vice chairman
    • David Wagner, immediate past chairman
    • Gary Poe, treasurer
    • Michael Berry, secretary
    • Ed Roop
    • Terry Begley
    • Bart Hove, CEO, Wellmont Health System

    Board of Governors

    • Vann Avirett
    • Robert L. Blevins, Jr.
    • Kay Bunn
    • William Burriss, III
    • Jerry Caldwell
    • Dr. Scott Coen
    • Mary Margaret Denton
    • Steve Harville
    • Laurence LaGuardia
    • David Oakley, Jr.
    • Emily O’Quinn
    • Jessica Parrott
    • Kristen Reedy
    • Darla Scott
    • Mary Shrader
    • LaDonna Street
    • John Tunnell
    • Dr. Harrison Turner
    • John Williams

    The Wellmont Foundation Campaign: Transforming Lives & Legacies

    Wellmont Foundation has announced a far-reaching campaign initiative aimed at bringing a new “philanthropic imperative” to meet regional healthcare needs within Wellmont hospitals. The message of this campaign is as important as its project list to position regional health care for the challenges that lie ahead. Rising costs, decreasing reimbursements, regional and national demographic trends and increasing levels of charity care are making it more difficult for all health systems to invest in innovation and new programming. Health systems will become more and more reliant on gifts to support their visions for the future. In fact, 70 percent of hospitals in Tennessee will lose money on operations this year – pointing to the urgency of community support.

    As this new paradigm for philanthropic partnership takes root, Wellmont Foundation believe that stories of national significance will emerge from this region, reshaping the way we all think about healthcare as our most vital community asset. There is a place in this campaign for large, transformational gifts and smaller levels of grassroots support, where many gifts work together to make a difference. Perhaps more than any other non-profit cause, health care touches everyone in our community by meeting medical needs and through its deep economic impact.

    Strategic initiatives

    The Wellmont Foundation Campaign's emphasis is on partnering with donors to address the following areas:

    • Combating the leading causes of death in our region – including heart disease, cancer and traumatic injury
    • Addressing nursing and physician shortages
    • Achieving capital improvements and acquiring new medical technology

    Within the broad list of strategic funding concepts for Wellmont Foundation, priorities will be driven by donor interest and the level of investment that is brought to particular initiatives.

    Campaign goals

    Wellmont Foundation believes that at least $25 million will be given during the next five years. With the kinds of legacy building and naming opportunities in its vision, and with the strong support of people in the Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, Wellmont Foundation believes that $50 million or even $100 million in gifts may be possible during the next decade – especially accounting for current gifts and planned or estate gifts.

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