• Diagnosis of Chlamydia

    Sexually Transmitted Chlamydia

    A swab test from the discharge of the penis or the cervix may be done. A urine sample may also be used. You may also be tested for others STIs , including gonorrhea , syphilis, and HIV .

    Other Forms of Chlamydial Infection

    Diagnosing other forms of chlamydial infection depend upon a combination of your medical history (such as exposures to birds, sexual partners, foreign travel), your physical examination, and a collection of lab tests. In some cases, making the diagnosis can be quite difficult.
    • Psittacosis—The diagnosis of psittacosis is difficult when an obvious history of exposure to birds is not present. There is a lab test that identifies antibodies to the germ.
    • Trachoma—This is diagnosed by culturing a swab from the conjunctiva, examining cells scraped from the conjunctiva, and doing an eye exam.
    Definitive diagnosis uses a number of different techniques. These may include taking specimens from infected areas, identifying molecules associated with the germ or antibodies to the germ, and recognizing strands of nucleic acid unique to the germ.


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