• MyPlate Kid's Place: Food Guidelines for Children

    MyPyramid logo Any parent who has tried to navigate a well-stocked grocery store with a hungry child in tow knows it is a challenge. Weaving through endless aisles of candy, frozen pizza, chips, soda, and sugary cereals without at least one incident of pleading or bargaining is considered a major accomplishment.
    But on a daily basis, where is the proper guidance to steer through the numerous food choices?

    Getting to Know MyPlate

    Since 1894, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been providing Americans with dietary guidelines. In general, they have focused on eating from specified food groups and emphasized moderation, proper proportions, and variety. An updated version of the USDA's guidelines for children is called MyPlate Kid's Place. It shows the image of a dinner plate divided into colored sections:
    Color Food Group
    Orange Grains
    Green Vegetables
    Red Fruits
    Blue Low fat or fat-free dairy
    Purple Protein foods
    An important feature of MyPlate Kid's Place is that each section is a particular size. This is to highlight the proportions that adults and children should aim for when planning their meals, for example:
    • Half the plate should be fruits and vegetables
    • About a quarter of the plate should be grains, especially whole grains
    • The rest should be protein

    Before Your Next Shopping Trip…

    MyPlate Kid's Place provides parents with important concepts that virtually all experts agree on: making healthy food choices and practicing eating in moderation. So before hitting the grocery aisles with your little one, take the time to catch up on the suggestions found on MyPlate Kid's Place. The USDA's main messages include:
    • Encourage your child to enjoy their food, but to eat portions that are right for their age and activity level.
    • Make half of your child's daily intake of grains whole grains.
    • Read food labels. Find out how much sodium is in packaged food. Choose lower sodium options.
    • Encourage your child to drink water. Leave the sugary drinks behind.
    • Healthy snacking throughout the day.
    • Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your child's diet.
    Pair MyPlate Kid's Place with SuperTracker to optimize your child's options. SuperTracker is a place where you can plan meals, track food intake and exercise while setting personalized goals. You can find more information on the SuperTracker website.


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