• Resource Guide for Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex Type 1)


    Address:P.O. Box 4014Schaumburg, IL 60618-4014

    Phone:1-866-503-SKIN (7546)

    Internet Address: http://www.aad.org/

    Description of Services Provided:This site provides education, support groups, and a physician locator. The information is comprehensive and contains color photos of cold sores at different stages of infection.


    Address:c/o-STIRC, Marian VillaWestmead Hospital, WestmeadNSW 2145AUSTRALIA

    Phone:+61 (2) 8230 3843

    Internet Address: http://www.ahmf.com.au/

    Description of Services Provided:This organization provides succinct, easy-to-understand information on oral and other forms of herpes. Its website contains large color photos of people with typical cold sores at different stages of the infection.


    Internet Address: http://www.coldsores.ca/

    Description of Services Provided:This Canadian website, written by dermatologists, provides over 10 articles about cold sores. You'll also find a dermatology glossary and images.

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    • Review Date: 09/2012
    • Update Date: 00/91/2012

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