• Reducing Your Risk of Epilepsy

    Taking preventive measures may prevent some cases of epilepsy . These measures include:
      Preventing head injuries by:
      • Wearing seat belts and bicycle helmets
      • Putting children in car seats
      Treating a seizure properly by:
      • Seeking medical help immediately after suffering a first seizure
      • Taking medication after the first or second seizure
      Getting good prenatal care to help prevent brain damage to a developing fetus:
    • Treating high fevers (especially in children) with medication
    • Taking steps to prevent or control certain medical conditions, including:
      • High blood pressure
      • Heart disease
      • Liver disease
      • Kidney disease
      • Infections
      • Any disorder that may affect or injure your brain
      • Illicit drugs
      • Excessive amounts of alcohol


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