• Symptoms of Scleroderma

    Symptoms of scleroderma include:
      Raynaud’s phenomenon :
      • Changes in skin color of the fingertips, toes, and nose in response to cold or emotional stress
      • Skin usually turns very white when first exposed to cold, then blue, then very red
      • May be accompanied by pain, tingling, numbness
    • Sores or ulcers on the fingers
    • Changes in the skin, as areas of affected skin lose hair and become:
      • Stiff
      • Hard
      • Thick
      • Shiny
      • Darker or lighter with darker spots (the so-called salt and pepper appearance)
    • Skin over face may become so tight that it’s hard to change expression (face appears “mask-like”)
    • Fingers and toes become swollen or puffy
    • Whitish bumps of calcium deposits develop under the skin (calcinosis)
    • Tiny purplish-red blood vessels appear under the skin (telangiectasias)
    • Skin creases diminish or disappear
    • Arthritis (joint aches and stiffness)
    • Muscle pain and weakness
    • Dry eyes and mouth (called Sjögren’s syndrome )
    • Digestive problems: Problems due to lung, heart, and kidney involvement:


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