• Resource Guide for Scleroderma


    Address:300 Rosewood Drive, Suite 105Danvers, MA 01923

    Phone:1-800-722-HOPE (US toll free)978-463-5843

    Internet Address: http://www.scleroderma.org

    Description of Services Provided:This site has information about various aspects of scleroderma. Also available are updates on recent research, upcoming seminars, and conferences. You can locate local chapters of the foundation, as well as support groups for patients and families. An online store run by the foundation allows you to order books on a variety of topics pertaining to scleroderma, like how to live and cope with the condition and its symptoms.


    Address:220 Montgomery Street, Suite 1411San Francisco, CA 94104

    Phone:1-800-441-CURE (US toll free)415-834-9444

    Internet Address: http://www.srfcure.org

    Description of Services Provided:This website provides general information about scleroderma, its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. You can read about current research studies, learn about upcoming conferences and symposia concerning research on scleroderma, and access a newsletter detailing recent research findings about scleroderma. You can locate specialized scleroderma clinics, research centers, and specialists who treat patients with the condition.


    Address:NIAMS/National Institutes of Health1 AMS CircleBethesda, MD 20892-2520

    Phone:1-877-22-NIAMS (US toll free)1-301-495-4484

    Internet Address: http://www.niams.nih.gov

    Description of Services Provided:This website offers detailed information about scleroderma and other types of arthritis and rheumatic diseases, news releases and recent research findings, and information on research initiatives and studies that are accepting patients.

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