• Managing Symptoms of Menopause

    Image for menopause article The following tips may be beneficial for these common symptoms of menopause .

    Hot Flashes

    • Wear fabrics that breathe, such as cotton.
    • Dress in layers so you can easily remove some of the layers when you are warm.
    • If you feel a hot flash coming on, drink a glass of cold water.
    • If troubled by night sweats, keep a cold facecloth or ice pack by your bed.
    • Decrease your intake of caffeine and alcohol.
    • Avoid spicy foods and hot drinks.
    • Avoid tobacco.
    • The herb black cohosh is also widely used to treat hot flashes. Talk to your doctor before taking any herbs or supplements.

    Vaginal Dryness and Urinary Problems

    • Use a vaginal cream or lubricant (avoid petroleum jelly) to help reduce pain from dryness during sexual intercourse.
    • Urinate before and after sexual intercourse to help prevent bladder infections.
    • To help prevent urinary tract infections , drink plenty of fluids and empty your bladder frequently.
    • Try Kegel exercises daily. These exercises, which tighten and relax the muscles you use to stop urination, strengthen the vaginal muscles, enhance orgasm, and help prevent incontinence .

    Psychological Problems

    If you are feeling anxious , irritable, or depressed , the following suggestions may help you:
    • Communicate openly with your partner about your symptoms and ask for support.
    • Join or even start a support group specific to menopause or other life changes you are experiencing.
    • Find and share support with colleagues at work who are going through the same experience.
    • Seek counseling .
    • Identify which sources of stress you can eliminate from your life.

    Weight Gain

    • Engage in an aerobic exercise . Talk with your doctor first about how long to exercise and how often.
    • Find ways to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
    • Decrease your intake of fat and calories.


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