• Healthy Living Calculators

  • Ideal Body Weight

    Ideal Body WeightLearn more

    Using body mass index as a reference, this calculator determines your ideal body weight range. All you need to do is enter your height.

  • Calories and Energy Needs

    Calorie NeedsLearn more

    How many calories do you need to eat each day to maintain your weight and fuel your physical activity? Enter a few of your stats into this calculator to find out.

  • Waist To Hip Ratio

    Waist-to-hip RatioLearn more

    Are you apple-shaped or pear-shaped? Find out here.

  • Exercise Guide

    Exercise GuideLearn more

    Enter your current weight and how much you would like to lose per week. We’ll tell you which activities will help you accomplish your weight loss goal and how much time you will need to spend doing them.

  • Calories Burned

    Calories BurnedLearn more

    Select the type and duration of activity you do and we'll tell you the calories you've burned.

  • Basal Metabolism

    Basal MetabolismLearn more

    This is the amount of calories your body burns when at rest, but awake, over the course of one day. What's your basal metabolism?

  • Target Heart Rate

    Target Heart RateLearn more

    When you stop to take your heart rate during a workout, what should it be? Depends on your age and how hard you're working out. Find out your range here.

  • Body Mass Index

    Body Mass IndexLearn more

    This tool considers your height and weight to assess your weight status.

  • Activity Calculator

    Activity CalculatorLearn more

    Enter your weight and how many calories you would like to burn. We'll tell you which activities to do and how long to do them to work off those calories.

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