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    Male Ebola Survivors Should Use Condoms for at Least 3 Months Experts Say
    (HealthDay News) -- Men who survive Ebola should wear condoms during sex for at least three months after recovering from the deadly disease, a new study shows. The finding supports the current recommendations to that effect, according to the authors of the study, which was published Dec. 16 in th Read Article »
    The Pill Remains Most Common Method of Birth Control US Report Shows
    (HealthDay News) -- The pill remains one of the most popular methods of birth control for women, along with female sterilization and condoms, a new report shows. Among the two-thirds of women aged 15 to 44 who used birth control between 2011 and 2013, approximately 16 percent used the pill. Fe Read Article »
    CDC Endorses Circumcision for Health Reasons
    (HealthDay News) -- U.S. health officials are poised to endorse circumcision as a means of preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday released its first-ever draft guidelines on circumcision that recommend that doctors co Read Article »
    Early Heart Disease May Lead to Impotence Study Says
    (HealthDay News) -- Early stage vascular disease may lead to impotence for men later in life, a new study says. "Erectile function can be a window into men's cardiovascular and overall health. Erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease commonly coexist," lead author David Feldman, a research Read Article »
    Purpose in Life a Boon to Your Health
    (HealthDay News) -- Older adults with a strong sense of purpose in life may be particularly likely to get health screenings such as colonoscopies and mammograms, new research suggests. The study, of more than 7,000 Americans, found that the higher people scored on a "purpose in life" scale, the m Read Article »
    Circumcision Past Newborn Stage Poses Risk for Boys Study Finds
    (HealthDay News) -- Circumcision is typically done in the first days or weeks of life, but about 6 percent of U.S. boys have the procedure later, which increases the risk of complications and increases costs, according to new research. The study analyzed insurance billing data that estimated circ Read Article »
    As US Economy Worsened Vasectomy Rates Rose Study Finds
    (HealthDay News) -- During the recent "Great Recession," worries about the cost of raising children in an uncertain job market may have spurred an uptick in vasectomies, a new study suggests. "Despite an unchanged desire for more children, men in relationships reported planning for smaller famili Read Article »
    Screen Women for Chlamydia Gonorrhea Experts Say
    (HealthDay News) -- All sexually active women should be screened for two of the most common sexually transmitted infections: chlamydia and gonorrhea, according to new recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The task force noted this recommendation includes older women, those Read Article »
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  • Fred Pelle Selected As Holston Valley Chief Operating Officer

    Fred Pelle, a highly respected 30-year health care veteran and president of Wellmont Health System’s community hospital division, has been named vice president and chief operating officer of Holston Valley Medical Center.

    Wellmont Interim President And CEO Joins Tennessee Hospital Association Board Of Directors

    Bart Hove, Wellmont Health System’s interim president and chief executive officer, was recently elected to the Tennessee Hospital Association’s board of directors. Hove brings 37 years of service in health care to the table as he begins his tenure.

    Alice Pope Selected By National Publication As Part Of Elite Group Of Health Care Professionals To Know

    Alice Pope, Wellmont Health System's executive vice president and chief financial officer, has been named by a national publication as one of 130 female hospital and health system leaders to know. Becker's Hospital Review, which writes about business and legal information for health care industry leaders, recently named Pope to the list. She is the only leader from the region to be selected.

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