• Online Breast Milk Exchange Announces Policy Changes

    Group plans to halt informal 'mother to mother' milk sharing
    TUESDAY, Oct. 22 (HealthDay News) -- An online breast milk exchange says it will change its policies after a study found that three-quarters of samples bought through the website contained high amounts of bacteria that could sicken babies.
    An administrator with the Nevada-based organization that operates the website -- called Only the Breast -- released a statement saying that the group plans to halt informal "mother to mother" milk sharing, the Associated Press reported. The group will create a new breast milk bank program for sick babies that will feature better donor screening and "professional milk processing."
    "Donors will be fully screened, tested, and instructed on safe handling methods," and will be offered fair compensation, according to the statement, the AP reported.
    Researchers analyzed 101 samples of breast milk purchased through the website and found that a few contained Salmonella, while others had evidence of fecal contamination. The study was published online Monday in the journal Pediatrics.
    Full Article (http://consumer.healthday.com/health-technology-information-18/press-medical-and-health-reporting-news-552/health-highlights-oct-21-2013-681346.html )

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