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    Sleep Apnea May Be Linked to Poor Bone Health
    (HealthDay News) -- People with sleep apnea, a common sleep disorder, may be at increased risk for the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis, especially women and older people, a new study suggests. Sleep apnea causes repeated, brief interruptions in breathing during sleep. Untreated sleep apnea can Read Article »
    Could Daughters Cancer Risk Be Affected by Fathers Age at Birth
    (HealthDay News) -- A father's age at the time of his daughter's birth may affect her risk for breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer in adulthood, a new study suggests. Researchers examined data from more than 133,000 women who took part in a study of California teachers and administrators. Betw Read Article »
    Insomnia May Raise Stroke Risk Especially for Younger Adults
    (HealthDay News) -- People plagued with insomnia might have an increased risk of stroke, particularly if they are young adults, a new, large study from Taiwan suggests. Over the course of four years, researchers found that insomnia seemed to raise the likelihood that a person will be hospitalized Read Article »
    New Repair Option for Compression Fractures in Spine
    (HealthDay News) -- A tiny spinal fracture can turn an active person into a shut-in. Until now, patients with these compression fractures have had limited options, but a new procedure shows promise, researchers say. Vertebral or compression fractures -- micro-breaks in the building blocks of the Read Article »
    Exercise in Youth Boosts Bone Strength Later Study
    Exercise in Youth Boosts Bone Strength Later: Study And continued activity is even better for your skeletal health By Kathleen DohenyHealthDay Reporter FRIDAY, March 28 HealthDay News) -- Physical exercise at a young age increases bone health, and those benefits continue with age, a new Read Article »
    Routine Mammograms Found Not Helpful for Most Women Over 70
    (HealthDay News) -- Mammogram breast cancer screenings for women aged 70 and older may cause more harm than good, according to a large new study. The screenings don't decrease the number of advanced breast cancer cases diagnosed in these older women. But the tests can lead to overtreatment in a l Read Article »
    Older Drivers May Be Vulnerable to Just One Drink
    (HealthDay News) -- Even a single glass of wine, bottle of beer or mixed drink might impair driving ability in people over the age of 55, new research suggests. A small study by University of Florida scientists looked at how one serving of alcohol affected the driving skills of a group of 72 heal Read Article »
    Hand Hygiene Lacking in Many US Health Care Facilities Study
    (HealthDay News) -- One in five U.S. health care facilities does not make alcohol-based hand sanitizer available everywhere it's needed, new research shows. And even though proper hand hygiene is essential to prevent health care-associated infections, staff may not always receive related training Read Article »
    OneThird of Young Stroke Victims Remain Disabled Years After Study
    (HealthDay News) -- One-third of people who suffer strokes before the age of 50 will have trouble dealing with the challenges of daily life even several years later, a new study finds. The finding suggests that younger age provides only limited protection against the devastation of a stroke. Read Article »
    LateStage Cancer Diagnosis More Likely in Uninsured Teens Young Adults
    (HealthDay News) -- Teens and young adults who don't have health insurance are much more likely to be diagnosed with advanced forms of cancer than other young people who do have medical coverage, according to new research. Late-stage cancer is more expensive and more difficult to treat, the stud Read Article »
    Are Kids Born to Older Dads at Risk for Mental Health Woes
    (HealthDay News) -- Children born to older fathers are at higher risk for various psychiatric and learning problems than once thought, a large new study suggests. Among more than 2 million children born in Sweden, researchers found that those born to fathers aged 45 and older were more prone to p Read Article »
    Doctors Slower to Prescribe High Blood Pressure Meds to Younger Patients
    (HealthDay News) -- Doctors wait longer to prescribe blood pressure drugs to young adults than to older patients, a new study finds. This is true even among young adults who've had high blood pressure for an average of 20 months, according to the researchers at the University of Wisconsin School Read Article »
    Are Best Memories Made by Age 25
    (HealthDay News) -- "Life begins at 40" and "the best is still to come" may be encouraging but untrue: A small new study suggests that people make the most important memories of their lives by the time they're 25. Researchers asked 34 people, aged 59 to 92, to recount their life stories and found Read Article »
    Flu Hitting Younger Adults Hard Vaccination Helps CDC
    (HealthDay News) -- The flu is hitting younger and middle-aged adults unusually hard this season, but getting vaccinated reduces the need for a doctor's care, U.S. health officials said Thursday. People aged 18 to 64 represent 61 percent of all flu hospitalizations this flu season, according to t Read Article »
    Ovary Removal Might Raise Odds for Bone Loss Heart Disease
    (HealthDay News) -- Older women who had their ovaries removed before menopause are at increased risk for bone loss and cardiovascular disease, according to a new study. Researchers looked at 222 healthy postmenopausal women in the Los Angeles area. Among women who were more than 10 years past men Read Article »
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  • Wellmont To Hold Blood Drives At Area Organizations Week Of 4/28

    4/22/14 - For more than 65 years, Marsh Regional has supplied blood to healthcare facilities in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. As many as three lives may be saved each time a person donates blood, and Marsh Regional urges people to give here and help here.

    Women & Children’s Expo At Bristol Regional Filled With Fun, Facts, Giveaways And Tours Of Birthing Unit

    4/21/14 - Women of all ages will benefit from more than a dozen educational sessions, receive enjoyable giveaways and have a chance to win one of five $100 gift cards at the annual Women & Children’s Expo. This year’s can’t-miss event will be held from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, May 3, at Bristol Regional Medical Center’s Conference Center on the ground floor. Admission is free.

    Wellmont, Eastman, Food City Encourage People, Businesses To Participate In Healthier Tennessee

    4/16/14 - Wellmont Health System, Eastman Chemical Company and Food City leaders say Healthier Tennessee and its Small Starts tools are transforming lives and improving the state’s well-being. Executives for these companies encourage other businesses, as well as individuals, to use these resources.

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