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    Could Weak Bones Sudden Hearing Loss Be Linked
    (HealthDay News) -- Although the reason for the connection isn't clear, osteoporosis and sudden, temporary hearing loss often occur together, a new study from Taiwan finds. A team led by Dr. Kai-Jen Tien, of the Chi Mei Medical Center in Tainan City, looked at more than 10,000 Taiwan residents d Read Article »
    US Breast Cancer Cases Could Rise 50 Percent by 2030
    (HealthDay News) -- The number of U.S. women diagnosed with breast cancer could rise by as much as 50 percent within the next 15 years, according to new government predictions. Researchers say there will be an increase in breast tumors that are "ER-positive" -- which means they rely on the hormon Read Article »
    Health Tip Live Healthier to Help Prevent Osteoporosis
    (HealthDay News) -- A healthier lifestyle can help ward off osteoporosis, a disease that causes brittle, thin and weak bones. The American Council on Exercise offers these tips:Perform weight-bearing exercises four days per week and strengthening exercises two or three days per week.Eat a diet r Read Article »
    Stronger Muscles Healthier Bones in Kids
    (HealthDay News) -- Stronger muscles seems to mean healthier bones in children, according to a new study. "Bone strength and size is important because they are significant factors in long-term osteoporosis and fracture risk," said lead investigator Dr. Rebecca Moon, of the University of Southampt Read Article »
    BoneBuilding Drug Strengthened Hips Spines of Frail Women in Study
    (HealthDay News) -- Frail, older women may only need a single dose of the osteoporosis drug Reclast to build bone strength, a new study suggests. But greater bone density did not translate into fewer fractures among these high-risk women, who were living in nursing homes and assisted-living facil Read Article »
    Leg Artery Procedure May Be Overused in Nursing Homes Study Finds
    (HealthDay News) -- Surgery to reopen blocked arteries in the legs of frail nursing home residents rarely gets them back on their feet, a new study shows. In fact, many elderly people who undergo the expensive procedure either lose more physical function or die within a year of the surgery, accor Read Article »
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