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  • A healthier region starts with healthier people. But all too often, the easy choice isn’t the healthy one. Wellmont LiveWell, Wellmont Health System’s new community health transformation initiative, is working to change that.

  • What is LiveWell?

    Wellmont LiveWell combines our health system’s medical strengths and expertise with our regional relationships with businesses, community organizations and others to champion, lead and sustain a new tradition of wellness in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

    Providing individuals with tools to help create a foundation and momentum for change, LiveWell also delivers follow-up communication to help participants reach new health milestones and sustain new, healthier lifestyles.

  • Why should I join LiveWell?

    LiveWell is about creating lasting change that will improve your personal health and the health of our region. Joining LiveWell connects you not just with Wellmont Health System and its hospitals, but with a community of people who want to come together and affect positive change where we all work and play.

    Making the commitment for change is only the beginning. And the best part is, you're not doing this alone. LiveWell gives you the opportunity to plug into larger groups of your friends and neighbors who are focused on many of the same goals.

    Those who commit to change have access to

    And that's not all. As LiveWell grows, we'll be adding additional features and growing our partnerships with area businesses and organizations to benefit you.

    Join LiveWell and commit to making better choices about your health and wellness. The decisions you make now will affect positive change in our community.

  • How do I become a LiveWell member?

    Participating in the LiveWell initiative is easy. Simply commit to making a change. LiveWell will then work with you to help you understand your health risks so you can begin transforming your health.

  • How do I submit an event to LiveWell?

    LiveWell members can submit events about local and regional wellness initiatives, education opportunities and resources that support LiveWell. Simply log in to your LiveWell member profile or join LiveWell to submit your events.

  • How do you stay healthy and active?

    Whatever your interest, there's something in our region for you to enjoy - and we want to know about it! Tell us what you do to stay happy and healthy in your community. Simply log in to your LiveWell member profile or join LiveWell to submit information.

  • How can I get more information so my business or organization can participate in LiveWell?

    If your business or organization is prepared to stand with LiveWell and its partners and commit to making a change, request more information and someone from our Wellmont Business Health Solutions team will contact you.

  • How can I share my LiveWell success story?

    LiveWell wants to provide the support you need to make personal changes that will affect you, your family and your community. And we want to know how you're doing. Please contact us about LiveWell to give feedback, make suggestions, request additional topics that interest you or share your story.