• The LiveWell Commitment

    Sometimes the first step to healthy change is simply committing to the change you want to see. There can be a big difference between wishing you could change and saying, "I commit to..." 

    Then remind yourself of that commitment the next day – even say it out loud – and the next day and the next, until you actually believe you can do it.

    Others have succeeded. When you get down to it, they're no different from you. You can do it too.

    Won't you make the commitment with us?

    I commit to:

    • Seek to live a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a healthy diet
    • Know and understand my health status and disease risks
    • Seek to safely reach my optimal weight and manage my blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels
    • Work with my primary care doctor to manage my health and reduce my cardiovascular, cancer and other chronic disease risks
    • Avoid the use of tobacco products and the abuse of alcohol and other substances
    • Seek ways to reduce stress
    • Establish a support network that will help me in this journey
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    If you have questions about your LiveWell commitment or registration, please contact us.