Diabetes Self Management Program - Holston Valley Medical Center - December

Community Screenings and Education

December 17, 2014
Holston Valley Medical Center
Kingsport, Tennessee

The Diabetes Self-Management Program is a six-hour, physician-referred class for patients. Family members and friends are invited to attend and learn alongside their loved ones. Specially trained registered nurses, dietitians and certified diabetes educators explain how to manage diabetes through nutrition, lifestyle changes, exercise and - when appropriate - proper use of medications. Patients learn why standards of care - having their blood glucose levels, eyes and feet checked regularly - are essential to their health. Class participants also learn about the long-term complications of diabetes.

After the course, patients remain in the Diabetes Self-Management Program for one year, giving them free access to many resources at the Diabetes Treatment Centers.

Physician referral is required for the Diabetes Self-Management Program, so talk to your doctor to learn more.