What is Wellmont LiveWell?

In spite of providing numerous opportunities for healthy, active living, Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia consistently rank among the least healthy areas in the nation.

The LiveWell initiative aims to change that by providing businesses, communities and individuals a framework and incentive to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

LiveWell works with you.

A healthier region starts with healthier individuals. Each person who takes the stairs instead of the elevator or chooses to snack on vegetables over potato chips makes our communities a little bit healthier.

Be part of the movement for a healthier region. Whether it's eating healthier, exercising more or quitting smoking, the small changes made by individuals will help affect greater change throughout our communities.

By exercising healthy living, we can, over time, reduce preventable healthcare costs and improve the quality of life in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

LiveWell works with our communities.

LiveWell is working with local communities to establish resources for better health and wellness throughout our region. By providing our friends and neighbors with the tools and information they need to pursue healthy choices and lifestyles, we can help cultivate a culture of wellness for future generations.

LiveWell works with businesses.

Leading organizations have realized that a healthy workforce is as happy workforce. Investing in preventive health practices such as screenings, immunizations, health risk assessments and health awareness and education will help to build and drive momentum for healthy change. And with LiveWell, we have the ability to partner our services with area businesses, grocery stores, restaurants and municipalities to ensure healthy choices are convenient, inexpensive and accessible.

LiveWell works with Wellmont.

Our mission is to provide superior health care with compassion. But as a health system, our responsibility to the community extends beyond caring for patients in our hospitals. It's also our duty to model healthy behaviors, such as eating well and exercising regularly.

By changing our habits and striving for long-term success, we will, over time, create a new tradition of wellness in the mountains.

How can you get started?

Taking the free personal health survey is a great place to begin.

Once you complete the survey, you'll receive a detailed personal wellness report. Your report may recommend screenings, based on your health needs, that can help you avoid problems down the road. And it will suggest changes that can help improve your health and wellness now.

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