Live Red for Your Heart

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Wellmont Health System and WCYB News 5 are taking the fight for better heart health to Facebook with Live Red for Your Heart!

With hundreds of thousands of people in the Tri-Cities region and millions around the country talking on Facebook regularly, this new program will make it simpler than ever to interact quickly and easily about a variety of heart health topics. Moving to Facebook will also make it easier for women – and men – to discuss heart health, join together in groups and share the information they like with their friends and families.

There are exciting plans for Live Red, and Wellmont will be sharing more information in the future. But for now, visitors will have access to all sorts of regularly updated information and resources on the Live Red Facebook page.

  • Heart health facts
  • Tips for maintaining and improving heart health
  • Stories from patients and experts
  • News about heart care
  • Heart-healthy recipes
  • Special events and activities

To stay connected with Live Red and others who are fighting to improve heart health, simply “like” the Live Red for Your Heart page, which can be found by entering “Live Red for Your Heart” in the Facebook search bar.

Live Red for Your Heart is brought to you by the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute and WCYB News 5 and is supported by the efforts of the Wellmont Heart Society.