• High-Risk Clinic

    The Wellmont Cancer Institute is committed to treating cancer when needed and preventing it when possible. With the goal of prevention in mind, the cancer institute offers a high-risk clinic and genetic counseling services for individuals who are potentially experiencing factors that could increase their risk of developing cancer. Learning about specific high-risk factors enables individuals and families to make choices to help reduce those risks.

    High-risk services may be helpful when:

    • An abnormal biopsy or screening test occurs in an individual who does not have cancer
    • Family members have developed cancer at advanced ages, leading to a moderately increased risk for cancer
    • Certain medications an individual is taking increase the risk of cancer
    • Cancer has been diagnosed in childhood or early adulthood without a strong family history

    The Wellmont Cancer Institute's high-risk consultations are performed by Wendy Vogel, a nationally recognized oncology-certified nurse practitioner.

    High-risk assessment factors for cancer

    • Do you smoke?
    • Do you get moderate to strenuous exercise less than five days a week for at least 30 minutes a day?
    • Do you use a tanning bed or have regular sun exposure?
    • Are you overweight or obese?
    • Do you eat fewer than five servings of fruit and vegetables each day?
    • Do you go outside frequently without using sunscreen?

    These basic questions and many other lifestyle factors can be used to help determine if an individual has a higher-than-average risk for cancer. Once a person understands his or her risk level, steps can be taken to help reduce that risk with the goal of preventing cancer in the future.

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