Cancer Treatment Options

At Wellmont, we treat cancer with the most innovative strategies available. Using our combined resources, we’re able to offer you the very latest technologies for the best possible outcomes.

What is radiation therapy?

At some point in their fight against cancer, more than half of patients are usually treated with radiation (high-energy radiation that destroys cancer cells’ ability to reproduce). Some cancer treatments involve radiation alone (prostate cancer and larynx cancer are common examples); others involve radiation as partial treatment (for example, radiation therapy after breast-conserving surgery); and in some cases radiation and/or chemotherapy is used before surgery (ideally requiring a less radical surgery).

How is radiation treatment given?

A radiation oncologist may use radiation generated by a machine outside your body (external beam radiation therapy) or put radioactive sources inside your body (brachytherapy). Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), offered at Bristol Regional Medical Center, combines traditional radiation treatment with a simultaneous CT scan to allow physicians greater precision and accuracy when targeting and treating cancer. Tumors constantly move within the body, making precise targeting difficult with traditional CT scans. IGRT gives us a CT image of the target tumor just prior to each radiation treatment, which allows us to adjust the radiation beam to destroy the tumor but not the surrounding healthy tissue (easily damaged if radiation is not delivered with a high degree of accuracy and precision).

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