Diabetes Outpatient Services

Education is the primary component of the Diabetes Treatment Center’s outpatient program. At its core is the Diabetes Self-Management Program, a six-hour class which teaches diabetics to manage the disease through nutrition, life-style changes, exercise and the use of medication if appropriate. Diabetics learn about standards of care like having their blood glucose level, eyes and feet checked regularly. Class participants also learn about the long-term complications of diabetes, and family members are invited to learn alongside their loved ones.

Following participation in the course, patients remain in the program for one year. During that time, the resources of the Diabetes Treatment Center are provided to patients at no additional cost.

A physician must refer you to the Diabetes Self-Management Program. In most cases, the cost of the course can be billed to an insurance provider or patients may choose to pay out-of-pocket.

If you have questions, please call the Wellmont Nurse Connection at 1-877-230-NURSE.

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