Two Top-ranked Heart Bypass Surgery Groups

Wellmont Health System and the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute have two of the nation's top heart bypass surgery groups, based on risk-adjusted outcomes, as ranked in the nation's leading consumer reporting magazine. Bristol Regional Medical Center and Holston Valley Medical Center are the only hospitals in Tennessee that achieved the maximum possible three-star ranking. 

Holston Valley Medical Center, Kingsport 

3-star ranking   

Bristol Regional Medical Center, Bristol 

3-star ranking 

Quality criteria

A broad range of national standards were considered to determine the rankings.

  • Postoperative renal failure
  • Surgical re-exploration
  • Anti-platelet medication at discharge
  • Beta-blockade at discharge
  • Anti-lipid treatment at discharge
  • Risk-adjusted operative mortality after coronary-artery bypass grafting
  • Preoperative beta-blockade
  • Prolonged intubation (ventilation)
  • Rate of deep sterna-wound infection
  • Stroke or cerebrovascular accident
  • Coronary-artery bypass grafting using an internal thoracic artery

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