Orthopedic Traumatology

Orthopedic traumatology provides expert care for common and complex fractures and dislocations. Upon arrival at Holston Valley Medical Center’s Level I trauma center by ground ambulance, WellmontOne: Air Transport or other means, patients from around the region have immediate access to state-of-the-art orthopedic traumatology service.

Based on the latest treatments and techniques for all fractures, Holston Valley's orthopedic traumatology service works closely with trauma services and other sub-specialties, including neurosurgery, plastic surgery and orthopedics.

Holston Valley's orthopedic traumatology service specializes in:

  • Fractures of the arms, legs and joints
  • Fractures of the pelvis and hip
  • Treatment and management of patients with multiple fractures
  • Complications from trauma such as:
    • Osteomyelitis – infection of the bone
    • Non-union – unhealed fractures of the bone
    • Mal-union – healing of a fracture in an unacceptable position

Types of treatment

Open Reduction with Internal Fixation (ORIF)

Open reduction with internal fixation requires surgery on the bone. Bone fragments are first repositioned into normal alignment and then held together with screws, plates, pins, rods, and other orthopedic hardware until the bone heals.

External Fixation

External fixation involves stabilization of the bone using pins placed into the broken bone above and below the fracture site. The bone is aligned and bars are connected to the pins outside the skin to stabilize the bone while it heals.


This treatment is designed to align a bone or bones through gentle, steady pulling action using skin tapes or metal pins.  Traction may also be used as an initial treatment prior to internal or external fixation.

Casts, Splits and Slings

These proven treatments are designed to protect an area of surgery or injury while allowing it to heal.

Walkers, Crutches and Canes

These assistive devices may be used to provide support and limit the amount of weight placed on an injured joint.