Surgical Procedures Performed

Wellmont Health System provides a wide array of surgical options for patients suffering from a variety of health issues. These include:

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery, which focuses on the chest cavity including the heart and lungs
  • CyberKnife Radiosurgery, a precise, painless, non-invasive technology that uses a powerful pinpoint beam of radiation to treat conditions previously considered inoperable
  • da Vinci Surgical System, enables skilled surgeons to perform complex and delicate procedures with great precision using very small incisions
  • Ear Nose Throat (ENT or Otolaryngology) Surgery, which deals with the sinus cavities, tonsils, inner ear and cochlear implants to restore hearing
  • Gastroenterology deals with the entire digestive tract
  • General Surgery addresses those procedures not otherwise included in surgical specialties and necessarily demands a broad proficiency in multiple surgical disciplines
  • Gynecology deals with the female reproductive system
  • Neurosurgery is a surgical specialty dealing with diseases and disorders of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system
  • Ophthalmology surgery treats diseases of the eye, including corrective/refractive surgery and surgery to remove cataracts and diseased eye tissue
  • Orthopedic surgeons provide solutions for disease and abnormalities in bones and the skeletal system
  • Plastic/Reconstructive/Cosmetic Surgery ranges from surgical procedures to repair body defects and restore function caused by accident or disease to cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation and reduction or facelifts
  • Podiatry surgeons seek to restore the function of the foot in patients suffering from injury or disease
  • Urology surgery focuses on remedies in the urinary tract of both men and women and the reproductive system of men

If you have questions about these procedures, please call the Wellmont Nurse Connection at 1-877-230-NURSE.