• da Vinci Surgical System

    Minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgery

  • The da Vinci Surgical System from Intuitive Surgical enables skilled surgeons to perform complex and delicate procedures with great precision using very small incisions. Surgical procedures using da Vinci can offer a number of benefits for patients, including less blood loss, pain and scarring.

    Perhaps best of all, recovery times may be shorter following minimally invasive da Vinci surgery, and that means patients get to experience “life after surgery” even sooner.

    Holston Valley Medical Center and  Bristol Regional Medical Center feature da Vinci Si, introduced in 2009 by Intuitive Surgical, Inc. This version of the da Vinci Surgical System offers enhanced, high-definition 3D imagery for superior clinical capability. And the Single-Site incision technology, currently being used for gallbladder removal and hysterectomy procedures, has all the benefits of da Vinci, but using only one incision.

    In the hands of some of Wellmont's most experienced surgical team members, it is among the very best surgical tools available for residents of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

    da Vinci gallbladder surgeries

    With the da Vinci system, doctors remove the gallbladder through a few small incisions in the abdomen using state-of-the-art precision instruments.

    In da Vinci Single-Site gallbladder surgery, the procedure is performed through one incision in the belly button, so patients who choose da Vinci Single-Site experience virtually scarless results.

    da Vinci urologic surgeries

    Any type of urologic surgery can result in patient anxiety. But the da Vinci Surgical System’s minimally invasive approach helps take the anxiety out of urologic surgeries, including prostatectomies.

    That is one of the reasons why da Vinci prostatectomy is the No. 1 choice for treatment of localized prostate cancer in the United States and is being chosen by more men and their physicians around the world.

    Potential benefits of da Vinci prostatectomy include:

    • Effective cancer control
    • Improved and earlier return of sexual function
    • Improved and earlier return of continence
    • Improved results over traditional treatments

    Clinical studies support the effectiveness of the da Vinci Surgical System when used in minimally invasive surgery. Individual results may vary, and surgery with the da Vinci Surgical System may not be appropriate for every individual. Ask your doctor about treatment options and their risks and benefits.

    da Vinci gynecologic surgeries

    Women facing gynecologic surgery – such as a hysterectomy – often face significant uncertainty and anxiety. So when surgery is recommended, knowing the available treatment options and talking with a physician about them can help ease those feelings and allow women to make an informed decision.

    Using some of the latest, most advanced minimally invasive technology available, the da Vinci Surgical System may be safely and effectively used to perform a wide range of gynecologic procedures, including treatment for endometriosis, uterine fibroids, uterine prolapse, excessive menstrual bleeding and cancers.

    Potential benefits of da Vinci hysterectomy, including Single-Site surgery using just one incision, include:

    • Increased precision and control during the procedure
    • Less pain than traditional hysterectomy
    • Decreased risk and reduced scarring through smaller incisions
    • Faster recovery times

    Gynecologic surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System is effective in procedures for many women, though there can be limits when a patient's anatomy or condition is challenging or complex. Ask your doctor about treatment options and their risks and benefits.

    da Vinci cardiac and thoracic surgeries

    Wellmont CVA Heart Institute is the first group in the Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia to use the da Vinci Surgical System to perform minimally invasive cardiac and thoracic surgical procedures

    We are pioneering the use of robotic technology in the region for bypass surgeries and other chest procedures, maintaining the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute’s reputation for exceptional quality outcomes and offering faster recovery times for heart patients.

    Wellmont robotic surgery

    When patients in Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City and across the region require surgery, there is no better place to turn for minimally invasive and non-invasive robotic surgical procedures than Wellmont – the region’s only health care provider offering experienced physicians performing surgical procedures with da Vinci, TrueBeam, Trilogy and CyberKnife.

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  • Hands cradling da Vinci surgical instrument

    Very small surgical instruments used with the da Vinci system help make minimally invasive procedures possible. Da Vinci translates your doctor’s hand movements into the smaller, more precise movements of these instruments inside your body.