• First-Time Sign Up for MyWellmont

    Click Sign Up Now on the MyWellmont login page to begin setting up your MyWellmont account for the first time.

    MyWellmont Sign In Page

    Step 1: Confirm your identity

    Option A: Enter your personal activation code

    MyWellmont first-time user step 1A

    You can sign up for MyWellmont by entering the unique activation code you received from your Wellmont provider’s office or a Wellmont facility and then entering a couple of other details about yourself.

    Option B: Identify yourself without an activation code

    MyWellmont first-time user step 1B

    If you do not have an activation code, you can enter several pieces of personal information to help us confirm your identity.

    Step 2: Username and password

    Set up your basic account details

    MyWellmont first-time user step 2

    Personalize and secure your MyWellmont account by creating your own username and password and setting up a security question.

    Step 3: Notifications

    Set up your e-mail preferences

    MyWellmont first-time user step 3

    Enable your e-mail notifications, enter and confirm a current e-mail address and click Sign In.

    Enabling e-mail notifications allows you to receive alerts from MyWellmont about new information in your account or notes from your healthcare team or providers. Messages sent to your e-mail will not contain sensitive data. You can update your e-mail preferences at any time. However, if you disable e-mail notifications, you will need to log into MyWellmont in order to view any new messages, information or updates to your medical record or MyWellmont account.

    Step 4: Finish setup

    Review terms and conditions of use

    MyWellmont first-time user step 4

    Review and accept or decline MyWellmont's Terms and Conditions. If you choose to accept, your MyWellmont account will be immediately activated.

    What can I do with MyWellmont now?

    Once you have completed the signup process for MyWellmont, you will enjoy many convenient features such as:

    • Keeping track of your medications
    • Managing your family’s care
    • Messaging your doctor
    • Paying your medical bills
    • Refilling your prescriptions
    • Requesting appointments
    • Reviewing your test results