Wellmont Launches New Website as Part of Next Phase of Partnership Exploration Process

KINGSPORT - Wellmont Health System is launching a new website specifically dedicated to its partnership exploration process.

The website, www.forwardwithvision.org, is one of a series of initiatives by the health system to provide information and receive ideas or questions about the search.

The Wellmont board of directors recently narrowed the list of potential partners it was considering from six to three and said it was entering a phase of community dialogue and due diligence.

In this next phase, the Wellmont board will conduct three key initiatives:

  1. Actively seek a dialogue with physicians, employees and the communities Wellmont serves through a variety of ways - through conversations, group meetings, a dedicated website and more.
  2. Learn more about the organizations that remain, such as what kind of partner they would be, what an alignment would look like more specifically and what can be accomplished together.
  3. Provide these potential partners an opportunity to learn more about Wellmont.

"Wellmont is a mission-driven organization that takes pride in providing clinically superior, personal care to our friends and neighbors whom we serve," said Roger Leonard, board chairman. "As we go through this transformative time in the life of our organization and make decisions for the future, it's important to hear from our employees, physicians and community about what's most important to them."

The website will be one of a variety of tools used in this next phase. It details why Wellmont is exploring partnership options and how national changes in healthcare are impacting the Tri-Cities region. It also explains the board's vision for the future and thorough decision-making process, answers frequently asked questions, offers a "Rank our Guiding Principles" interactive tool and provides a "fact check" page where questions and rumors can be submitted and addressed.

In addition, the website will be regularly updated with the latest news about the board's process, and people will have the opportunity to sign up to receive a weekly email newsletter.