Hawkins County Memorial Adopts Proactive Security Measures to Enhance Safety for Everyone in Facility

Aug. 2, 2017 | ROGERSVILLE, TN.

Hawkins County Memorial Hospital is taking proactive steps, based on continual evaluation, to further protect patients, staff members and physicians.

On Monday, Aug. 7, the hospital will implement new security and procedural measures. Among them will be revised visiting hours so patients will have sufficient time to rest and recuperate. Plus, visitors will need approval from the nurses station before they can obtain access to some areas of the facility. Hawkins County Memorial will also provide passes to all visitors.

“The safety of our patients, co-workers, physicians and visitors is paramount as we provide an environment of care conducive to healing,” said Rebecca Beck, the hospital’s president. “The steps we are taking will place us ahead of the curve and demonstrate to the community our commitment to creating an atmosphere focused on improving people’s lives.”

Hawkins County Memorial will enact the following specific measures:

  • Visiting hours will be 6 a.m.-9 p.m. daily.
  • The main entrance to the hospital will be open during those hours. At all other times, everyone must seek access through the emergency department entrance.
  • Those who need to receive outpatient care after 5 p.m. will need to come to the emergency department.
  • Those who visit patients in the medical-surgical, ICU and emergency department areas will need to press a button to speak with the nurses station so they can be cleared for entry and receive a visitor’s pass.
  • Visitors will not need advance clearance into other areas of the hospital before 5 p.m., but they must receive a pass from the registration desk or nearest hospital department.
  • Passes will be color-coded to indicate the areas where visitors are permitted. Neon green applies to inpatient areas, neon orange represents the emergency department and white means outpatient areas.

Beck emphasized the hospital will still permit family members or friends to spend the night if the patient would like company. She also said Hawkins County Memorial staff members will work with them should the normal visiting hours not be workable.

The hospital recently installed additional doors and made other modifications to accommodate the changes. Leaders had contemplated since January best practice methods to enhance security while still giving patients and visitors the access they need.

To assist patients and visitors, Hawkins County Memorial is placing signage throughout the facility that outlines the new provisions. Visitors who have questions can ask co-workers at a nurses station or the registration desk as well as speak with a security officer.

“Hawkins County Memorial has served the community for generations with high-quality care in a safe atmosphere,” said Eric Deaton, Wellmont Health System’s chief operating officer. “We have observed various events around the country that show the potential for a situation to escalate. We are focused on maintaining a healing environment, and the commonsense revisions we have developed will provide an extra layer of comfort for everyone in our facility.”