Bristol Regional Aims To Improve Patient Care With New Bedside Medication Delivery Service

To help enhance the healing process for patients being discharged from the hospital, Bristol Regional Medical Center is working with Walgreens to provide a new bedside delivery option for patients prescribed outpatient medications.

This program is designed to reinforce the importance of patients taking needed medications as prescribed. Bristol Regional, a leader in delivering high-quality care, and Walgreens, which operates a pharmacy in the hospital, are helping to ease the transition from hospital to home by removing the need for patients to visit a pharmacy upon discharge and making sure patients understand new medication therapies.

As part of Walgreens bedside delivery service, a pharmacy technician delivers the filled discharge prescription orders directly to the patient's room and connects the patient to the pharmacist for a consultation at the time of delivery to address any questions or concerns. An additional benefit to patients who choose to participate in the Walgreens service is that pharmacy staff will contact the patient with a follow-up call 48 hours after being discharged to ensure the patient has an opportunity to address any further questions about their discharge prescriptions.

"Bedside delivery of medications reinforces our commitment to our patients' health," said Greg Neal, Bristol Regional's interim president. "Recovery does not end when patients leave the hospital, so it is essential they proceed with recommended courses of action at home, including taking medications that will help them continue to heal. This initiative simplifies and promotes that process tremendously."

This new service model will provide a personalized and convenient option for patients to have their prescriptions filled. Bedside delivery will also help patients fully understand their medications, reducing the potential for errors and unnecessary readmissions to the hospital.

"Delays in taking prescribed medicines or not understanding medication instructions can result in slowed recovery or even a trip back to the hospital," said Angel Crabtree, clinical manager for the Walgreens at Bristol Regional. "We are pleased to assist Bristol Regional in empowering patients to take charge of their health through this program."