Hawkins County Memorial Siemens E Cam Nuclear Medicine CameraHawkins County Memorial Elevates Care With Advanced Nuclear Medicine Camera

Hawkins County Memorial Hospital’s commitment to enhancing the community’s health continues to grow with the installation of a new nuclear medicine camera that will deliver care even faster to patients.

The hospital has obtained the Siemens E Cam nuclear medicine camera, which has reduced scan times by about 50 percent in all of its applications. For example, a whole body bone scan now takes 25 minutes instead of the 45 to 60 minutes the previous nuclear medicine camera required.

“This camera, with its dual head, allows both sides of the patient to be scanned simultaneously, which provide a shorter scan time and more comfort for the patient.” said Darlene Lee, Hawkins County Memorial’s radiology director. “The nuclear camera is not only faster but offers greater accuracy in imagery, which further allows scan times to be reduced substantially.”

The availability of nuclear medicine services ensures Hawkins County residents receive high-quality care close to home.

“A patient does not need to consider leaving Hawkins County for nuclear medicine studies such as a whole body bone scan, a heart scan or a thyroid scan,” said Ann Hubbard, lead nuclear medical technician. “Expert patient care and comfort are available at our hospital.”

The new camera’s installation represents the latest example of good news for Hawkins County Memorial. CareChex, a national ratings agency, named the hospital among the top 10 percent in the nation in overall hospital care, medical care and surgical care in its patient satisfaction category and overall medical care in its medical excellence category.

“Hawkins County Memorial is focused on delivering superior health care with compassion and enhancing the experience for our patients,” said Greg Neal, the hospital’s president. “The installation of this machine keeps our technology on the cutting edge and demonstrates how our patients receive innovative care at their community hospital.”