Hawkins County Memorial Ranked Among Top 10 Percent In Nation In Multiple Aspects Of Care

Hawkins County Memorial Hospital, a leader in delivering high-quality care, has achieved national recognition that reinforces how patients are in superior hands with innovative caregivers in this community-based medical facility.

CareChex, a national ratings agency, has selected Hawkins County Memorial among the top 10 percent in the country for overall hospital care, medical care and surgical care in the patient satisfaction category. The 50-bed hospital also shined by landing in the top percent 10 percent nationally for overall medical care in the medical excellence category.

“This remarkable achievement reflects the commitment of our co-workers to provide a first-rate experience for our patients,” said Greg Neal, Hawkins County Memorial’s president. “We are proud of our role as the leading caregiver in our service area and the compassionate touch our patients receive from our physicians, nurses and staff.”

A bedrock of the local economy, Hawkins County Memorial has served as a source of community pride for the multifaceted care available to patients. That includes expertise in the surgical specialties of general surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, interventional pain management, gastroenterology and ear, nose and throat. Specialty medical services are provided in cardiology, pulmonology, sleep medicine, oncology, emergency medicine and intensive care.

The hospital, which is accredited by The Joint Commission, also provides exceptional physical therapy professionals and advanced imaging services, such as digital mammography, MRI, CT, ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

Providing care at Hawkins County Memorial is a team of 100 percent board-certified physicians and nearly 200 nurses, technicians and support staff. One of those is Dr. Tom Thompson, who has performed general surgeries at the hospital for several years.

“Performing surgeries at Hawkins County Memorial is such a pleasure because the operating suites are attractive and quite functional,” Dr. Thompson said. “The hospital’s surgery program is well-managed, has excellent nurses and support staff and provides outstanding service to the community, all with a very personal approach.”

Dr. Wayne McLemore, an orthopedic surgeon, said the excellent reputation of Hawkins County Memorial was a key factor in his decision to begin practicing at the hospital.

“It is an excellent setting to deliver care because everyone at the hospital is focused on improving the health of our patients,” he said. “Patients and their families can take comfort knowing they have access to high-caliber care that results in excellent outcomes. It’s a privilege to care for patients at such an impressive hospital.”

Hawkins County Memorial has taken several steps in recent years to position the hospital for even more successful patient care. It includes the adoption of computerized provider order entry that essentially eliminated handwritten documentation. The hospital also revamped facilities that improved access, bolstered the spiritual needs of patients and family members and created a more encompassing healing environment.

The future is bright, too, with the arrival of a new 16-slice CT scanner that will offer technology to reduce the dosage of radiation and keep track of how much radiation a patient has received over time. Hawkins County Memorial has also installed a higher-grade nuclear medicine camera that has reduced scan times by 50 percent and produced better-quality images.

Neal said these improvements keep Hawkins County Memorial on the cutting edge and ready to meet its patients’ needs for decades to come.

“As a community hospital, Hawkins County Memorial is attuned to the needs of our patients and provides expert care close to home,” Neal said. “Patients who come to our hospital will receive sensational care from a group of highly skilled medical providers.

“We are grateful that the residents of Hawkins County entrust their care to us, and we take great pride in restoring our family, friends and neighbors to health. This has been a tradition at Hawkins County Memorial, and we look forward to extending this legacy for decades to come.”