Holston Valley's Trauma Center Earns Level I Status, The Highest Possible, From State For Three More Years

Holston Valley Medical Center's trauma center, which provides round-the-clock care for patients and extensive community outreach, has been designated as a Level 1 facility by the state for another three years.

The trauma center has held Level 1 status, the highest possible, for 25 years and recently earned the extension from the Board for Licensing Health Care Facilities.

"We're proud of the outstanding work by our trauma team every day to save and improve lives of patients throughout the region," said Tim Attebery, Holston Valley's president. "These physicians, nurses and other medical professionals demonstrate high-quality care in the hospital and a resolve to help the community avoid serious injury with beneficial preventive measures. They are making a positive difference in the community."

Holston Valley's trauma center is one of only six with Level I status in Tennessee and was among the first facilities when it received that state designation in 1988.

The trauma center treats patients who have experienced major trauma and potentially life-threatening events such as automobile and all-terrain vehicle accidents, major falls, gunshot wounds and severed or severely injured limbs.

To treat these injuries, the trauma center has a full range of specialists and equipment available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has full diagnostic radiology services, including computed tomography and StatScan scanners; subspecialty surgical care in medical fields such as neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and urology; and constant access to surgery suites.

"We are here to serve the community with a broad spectrum of care and services when patients and their loved ones need us," said Dr. Tiffany Lasky, an osteopathic physician and the trauma center's medical director. "These incidents can produce a complex set of injuries that require expert, innovative care to resolve. We have a multidisciplinary team ready to handle these emergencies with skill, and we work seamlessly with other departments in the hospital to achieve optimal results for our patients."

Besides Dr. Lasky, other trauma surgeons who deliver exceptional care at Holston Valley are Drs. Daniel Anderson, George Testerman, John Beatty and Cory Siffring, who are medical doctors. All five physicians are also traumatologists who have completed a critical care fellowship. Sharon Littleton coordinates the care team process as the trauma center's manager.

While the multidisciplinary trauma team is ready to deliver superior care at the hospital, it is just as focused on preventing injuries. They provide a variety of initiatives aimed at educating people about practical ways to live safer lives.

Nurses and physicians have frequently participated in activities such as Trauma Nurses Talk Tough, a teenage driver's education program. Ray Heim, the hospital's injury prevention coordinator, has also partnered with local high schools in Tennessee's Battle of the Belt competition, which gives students the opportunity to monitor their peers' seat belt use.

In addition, the trauma center, joined by WellmontOne Air Transport, has regularly participated in Prom Promise events to illustrate the dangers of drinking and driving.

Dr. Testerman recently showed his dedication to the region's well-being by creating a significant endowment with Wellmont Foundation. Called the George M. Testerman, MD, Injury Prevention and Research Fund, it will greatly assist the area with trauma education and community outreach.

"Our all-encompassing trauma program is robust and meets the needs of our patients and the communities we are privileged to serve," Littleton said. "We embrace our responsibility to deliver extraordinary care at the bedside and advocate in the community for a healthy lifestyle. While more work remains to be completed, this approach is transforming lives, and we cannot be more pleased to work hand in hand with people and organizations in the region to achieve better outcomes for everyone."