Holston Valley Enhances Patient Comfort With New Gastroenterology/Bronchoscopy Unit

Holston Valley Enhances Patient ComfortKINGSPORT - Patients undergoing many common procedures at Holston Valley Medical Center will experience additional comfort in an updated and more accessible unit.

The hospital recently unveiled and began using its relocated gastroenterology and bronchoscopy unit. Hospital leaders, as well as physicians who practice in the unit, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house.   

"Holston Valley cares for patients in a comprehensive healing environment, which includes optimal facilities," said Tim Attebery, the hospital's president. "We're extremely proud to offer this enhanced unit for the thousands of patients who seek gastrointestinal and bronchoscopy services each year."

Previously, patients received these treatments on the hospital's second floor, near the pediatric and neonatal intensive care units. Now conveniently located on the first floor, the gastroenterology/bronchoscopy unit is easier for patients and visitors to reach and has doubled in size. It features an expanded waiting area, improved patient privacy measures and additional procedure rooms and restrooms. 

Procedures performed in the unit include bronchial thermoplasty, colonoscopies, endoscopies and endoscopic ultrasounds.

"Holston Valley has long been the regional leader in developing and offering advanced endoscopy and bronchoscopy procedures," Attebery said. "This new unit shows our commitment to maintain that leadership for many years to come."

Services in the new unit are performed by physicians with Wellmont Medical Associates Pulmonology & Sleep, as well as more than a dozen other members of Holston Valley's medical staff, including physicians with Gastroenterology Associates.

"In the last 20 to 30 years, the number and variety of gastroenterological and bronchoscopy needs have increased tenfold," said Bruce Grover, a medical doctor with Wellmont Medical Associates Pulmonology & Sleep. "Holston Valley has responded to this growth with an expanded unit, which will be a tremendous benefit to our patients." 

More information about the unit's services is available by calling 423-224-5197.