Dr. Monika Karakattu Recognized In Virginia For Childhood Immunization Compliance Rate

Dr. Monika KarakattuWellmont Medical Associates family medicine physician has been recognized as one of the top 19 medical practices in Virginia for outstanding compliance in immunization rates.

Dr. Monika Karakattu's work in the Virginia Vaccines for Children program earned her special recognition by the Virginia Department of Health's Department of Immunizations.

Virginia Vaccines for Children is a program to increase immunization rates among children by removing barriers such as cost and accessibility. More than 900 Virginia healthcare facilities participate in the initiative, which is associated with the state's Medicaid program.

Dr. Karakattu puts her belief in the importance of childhood immunizations at the forefront of her practice, which is located inside Lee Regional Medical Center. In fact, she believes vaccinations are among humans' greatest accomplishments.

 "Vaccines prevent potentially deadly diseases, so it's vitally important that every child receive the immunizations that could save their lives," Dr. Karakattu said. "I urge parents and other loved ones to recognize the value of immunizations for the long-term health of children and comply with the scheduled timelines."

Dr. Karakattu said some parents remain skeptical of childhood vaccinations and may attempt to expose their children to diseases like chickenpox through means other than immunizations.

"Physicians have a responsibility to educate parents about how vaccinations work," she said. "Today's vaccines are extremely safe and pose little risk."

Vaccine-preventable diseases such as whooping cough, measles, polio and rubella circulate in the United States and other parts of the world. Continued vaccination protects everyone in the community from outbreaks of infectious disease.

"Immunizations help by making a body's immune system stronger," Dr. Karakattu said. "Without immunizations, many long-forgotten diseases will reappear, causing sickness, disability and death. Vaccination programs in the United States have been very successful, and luckily, we have eradicated diseases such as polio and smallpox."

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