Science Hill Students Contribute Paintings To Wellmont Cancer Institute Office In Johnson CityScience Hill Students Contribute Paintings To Wellmont Cancer Institute Office In Johnson City

Some thoughtful and resourceful local students are providing some artistic flair as they help the Wellmont Cancer Institute bring strength and hope to patients receiving high-quality care.

On Tuesday, May 28, 10 Science Hill High School art students presented paintings they created to the cancer institute for placement in its Johnson City office at 302 Wesley St., Suite 3. Open since January, the office will now sport extra color for patients who receive a multitude of services from the region's leader in delivering compassionate oncology care.

"This is a tremendous contribution by these students to the healing environment we have created in our Johnson City facility," said Sue Lindenbusch, the cancer institute's vice president. "These paintings will soothe our patients as they receive treatment and remind them of the community's support as they battle cancer. We are extremely grateful to these students and their teachers for this generous public service project."

The Johnson City office provides medical oncology, hematology and genetic counseling services and infusions, including chemotherapy, hydrations and injections. Patients can also participate in the cancer institute's robust clinical trial program.

Sherri Lawson, the cancer institute's community outreach coordinator and educator, approached Science Hill art teacher Jennifer Brockett about the paintings. Her idea empowered students to be innovative in developing paintings that will enhance the cancer facility's décor.

Brockett said the students, who are juniors and seniors, are enrolled in the international baccalaureate visual arts class. She said the timing was perfect for this project because the class had taken its final exam at the beginning of April and was looking for some type of community involvement project to undertake for the rest of the year.

"I think it's good for the students to learn about new facilities that have arrived in the community, such as this cancer office," Brockett said. "It's especially gratifying to know that these paintings will lift the spirits of cancer patients and enhance the atmosphere within the building."

Lawson relied on the students' expertise and creativity to present something uplifting for patients. Brockett visited the cancer office and suggested students could paint multiple pieces that could be installed on the walls.

Brockett said she instructed her students to use bright colors and cheerful themes and was impressed with the outcome.

"They collaborated on a nature theme," she said. "But it still allowed them to be creative while using styles that suited their preferences. It is a nice package of paintings that we are pleased to share with the Wellmont Cancer Institute."

Lindenbusch was thrilled with the results.

"This has been a terrific partnership between our cancer program and Science Hill that will bring a smile to our patients," Lindenbusch said. "Whenever we can involve the community in the support network for cancer patients, the result is so much more meaningful and powerful. The vitality conveyed in these paintings is so special and reinforces the strength and hope we want our patients to feel on their cancer journey."

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