WCI in Johnson City Ribbon CuttingWellmont Cancer Institute Celebrates Opening Of Johnson City Office With Ribbon Cutting

Barbara Jones has found exactly what she needs for treatment of her colon cancer at the new Wellmont Cancer Institute office in North Johnson City.

First, she is passionate about Dr. Jamal Maatouk, her board-certified medical oncologist. And then, she is excited about the convenience of coming to Johnson City for her chemotherapy and other appointments.

"I'd follow Dr. Maatouk to the moon," Jones said. "She's so awesome and caring, as is the rest of the staff. They take good care of me. But I'm also very happy about the location of the new office because it's a lot easier for me to come there for treatment."

Jones is one of many patients who has started receiving care at this office, which is located at 302 Wesley St., Suite 3. The cancer institute opened the facility on Jan. 3 and celebrated a successful launch with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, Jan. 23.

Structured to bring patients strength for today and hope for tomorrow, the new facility offers services such as medical oncology, hematology, genetic counseling, clinical trials and infusions, including chemotherapy, hydrations and injections.

Dr. Maatouk is joined by Dr. Fadi Abu-Shahin, another board-certified medical oncologist as the physicians in the office. Other caregivers include nurse practitioner Wendy Vogel;  Debbie Pencarinha, the only board-certified and licensed genetic counselor in Northeast Tennessee; and Teresa Bailey, coordinator of the cancer institute's clinical trials program.

The early results in the Johnson City office show patients are entrusting their care to the cancer institute.

"We didn't expect to be this busy in the first two weeks, but we're grateful patients who need oncology care are receptive to our services," Dr. Maatouk said. "A cancer diagnosis is a difficult moment in a person's life, but we want our patients to know we are available to support, comfort and treat them with compassion during this period."

Patients who receive care in Johnson City will also have access to other cancer institute facilities should they need additional elements of care. These include the accredited Wellmont Breast Center at 316 Marketplace Blvd., Suite 20, Johnson City. The cancer institute also has accredited breast centers at Holston Valley Medical Center and Bristol Regional Medical Center.

Multiple forms of cancer can also be treated at the Christine LaGuardia Phillips Cancer Center at Holston Valley, the J.D. and Lorraine Nicewonder Cancer Center at Bristol Regional and the Southwest Virginia Cancer Center in Norton, Va.

"We thank everyone who has chosen to receive their oncology care at our new office in Johnson City," said Sue Lindenbusch, the cancer institute's vice president. "It is our privilege to come to Wesley Street and provide another location for services from our excellent caregivers.

"Dr. Abu-Shahin and Dr. Maatouk are grounded in delivering high-quality care that touches on a person's body, mind and spirit, and they are supported by a wonderful team that gives our patients optimism that tomorrow can be a bright day."

To schedule an appointment, please call 423-928-3020.