Dr. Brian DulinDr. Brian Dulin Joins Wellmont CVA Heart Institute; Medical Journey Marked By Experiences In Youth

Dr. Brian Dulin, a newly trained cardiologist, has joined the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute.

Dr. Dulin is the latest member of the heart institute to deliver high-quality care in Greeneville, joining Dr. Scott Jay and Dr. Jack Whitaker on the Laughlin Memorial Hospital campus, 1410 Tusculum Blvd., Suite 1500.

Dr. Dulin performs diagnostic cardiac catheterizations and implants pacemakers and defibrillators. He has a special interest in nuclear cardiology, echocardiography and cardiovascular research.

“It takes patients and physicians working together to elevate the quality of health care and the quality of life in the region,” Dr. Dulin said.

He applies that theme to his one-on-one interaction with patients.

“All of us need to communicate with each other on a regular basis to find out how we can help each other,” he said. “I may be able to help teach my patients some things, and I can learn things from them as well.”

Dr. Dulin’s medical journey began with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Yale University, followed by a medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health. Dr. Dulin completed an internal medicine residency at the University of Kentucky in 2007, followed by two years of work as a hospitalist in the state. He then returned to Yale to complete a fellowship in cardiovascular disease.

Having been raised in a small town, Dr. Dulin wanted to provide cardiovascular care in a similar community. His goal was not only to provide superior care in his chosen field but also to help enhance the overall healthcare climate where he practiced.

Improving a patient’s health involves more than treating a particular illness, Dr. Dulin said. From diagnostic testing to good communication, he said, a physician must take into account everything that might be affecting a patient’s health.

Dr. Dulin was attracted to the heart institute because the physicians there shared his ideals.

“I wanted to work with a collegial group of cardiovascular physicians who truly believe in what they are doing and are focused on benefiting patients,” Dr. Dulin said. “That’s exactly what I found with the heart institute, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to continue advancing the high-quality care Wellmont delivers.”

Dr. Jerry Blackwell, the heart institute’s president, is impressed with the credentials Dr. Dulin brought to the region.

“It’s refreshing that Dr. Dulin wants to use his impeccable credentials and talents to practice cardiology in a more rural market. He is indeed remaining committed to his rural roots.” Dr. Blackwell said. “We are excited he is bringing his skill set to our practice but are equally certain that he will benefit from working with an outstanding team of cardiovascular physicians at the heart institute. The quality of cardiovascular care in our region grows even stronger with Dr. Dulin’s addition.”

The heart institute is the largest and premier cardiovascular practice in the region, with 45 physicians and 13 offices.

Dr. Dulin is available for appointments by referral from a primary care physician. For more information about him and the heart institute, please visit www.wellmont.org.