Wellmont Health System Launches Process to Assess Strategic Options for Future

Wellmont Health System officials have launched a process to evaluate strategic options for the organization's future, including the possibility of aligning with another health system.

The Wellmont board of directors and leadership team will spend this year engaged in an exploratory process with healthcare experts to evaluate how Wellmont needs to evolve to thrive in the future.           

"Because of the mandate of our vision - to deliver the best healthcare anywhere - we strongly believe we must act now to ensure Wellmont evolves with the rapidly changing healthcare industry and continues to provide outstanding care for generations to come," said Buddy Scott, chairman of Wellmont's board. "While this is just the beginning of a process and we do not have many specifics today, it is important to be as transparent as possible with all the people who matter to this organization."

The current climate of the healthcare industry has resulted in a complex set of challenges for hospitals and health systems nationwide.

These organizations must be prepared for increasing levels of information management and technological innovations, quality mandates, a growing demand for primary care services and population health management to advance the wellness of large groups of patients and reduce their need for inpatient hospital care. Providers are also struggling with low patient volumes, reimbursement cuts and possible performance penalties under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The challenges are multiplied in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia because of extremely low Medicare payment rates and the high volume of Medicaid and uninsured populations. Add to this the recent decisions in Virginia and Tennessee not to expand Medicaid coverage. For Wellmont, all of these factors have made it necessary to improve its financial position by millions of dollars during the next several years. In fiscal 2012, Wellmont had a community benefit of $94 million, which included $77 million in uncompensated care, as well as free programs and services provided to the community, and cash and in-kind donations to community groups.

Due to these challenges, it is becoming increasingly difficult for healthcare organizations to continue to operate as they have in the past without adapting to the new healthcare landscape. As a result, Wellmont is not alone in pursuing a process such as this. Forward-looking health systems nationally are seeking to fully understand their options. In fact, a recent national survey of healthcare leaders found 75 percent of health systems were already pursuing or were considering aligning their organization with another (HealthLeaders Media).

"As stewards of a valued community resource, our Board of Directors and leadership team know it is our responsibility to preserve and advance healthcare in our region," said Denny DeNarvaez, CEO of Wellmont Health System. "Unlike many health systems, Wellmont is fortunate to be in a position of clinical strength and relative financial stability thanks to the great work of our physicians, co-workers and leadership. The Board and the administration are committed to continue pursuing all internal options to ensure the financial stability of our health system for the future. However, by proactively embarking on this process, we are taking our future into our own hands and creating a stronger health system for the communities we serve."

In consultation with national experts, a special committee of the Board has begun a process to assess strategic options for the organization's future. The guiding principles that will govern this assessment are:

  • A strong commitment to Wellmont's mission, vision, values and operating philosophy
  • Significant financial strength to advance medical, technological and organizational innovation and to develop new care models for the good of the patients and communities it serves
  • A contribution to long-term economic development, the advancement of healthcare services and employment opportunities in our region
  • A strong vision for the importance of philanthropy, good stewardship of donated funds and community benefit
  • Optimization of information and medical technology systems
  • A robust physician network and physician recruitment capacity and commitment to physician leadership
  • An extensive knowledge and resource base to optimize operational, financial, clinical and purchasing systems

"As we explore potential paths, we have the best interest of our hospitals, physicians, patients and the communities we serve in mind, and we will continue to share information as it becomes available," DeNarvaez said.

"Wellmont is committed to serving patients across Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia and we are motivated by our mission to deliver superior health care with compassion. This will not change with any future direction we consider," Scott said.

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