• The Holston Valley Generations Campaign

  • For 80 years, women have come to Holston Valley Medical Center for their health needs – whether welcoming new life, getting routine checkups or seeking specialty treatment.

    We're honored to be part of your lives during these key times. And now, we're excited to unveil plans to improve our care and create an atmosphere that's better suited for women and their families.

    A hospital for women – and the whole family

    Through the Generations campaign, Holston Valley will create our Center for Women and Infants that will consolidate the birthing unit, post-partum care, the neonatal intensive care unit, pediatrics and gynecology on one floor of the hospital.

    This new unit is a dedicated center for women and their families, and as such, will feature a separate entrance and elevator that lead directly to the Center for Women and Infants.

    This $2 million project is desperately needed to bring peace of mind to new mothers, who can now be assured their babies are just a few feet away. And women who need additional gynecological services can be confident they're staying in updated, comfortable rooms.

    Care for the Next Generation

    In 2014, Holston Valley completed fundraising for its new neonatal intensive care unit, which will be a key element of our Center for Women and Infants.

    Thanks to donors like you, we'll be able to:

    • Relocate to Holston Valley's third floor, adjacent to its birthing unit. New mothers will be comforted to know high-level neonatal care is quite literally just around the corner.
    • Significantly expand floor space, nearly doubling the available amount of room for each baby and family.
    • Feature an innovative layout that flexes to accommodate mixed caseloads and allocate our resources. We'll be able to group babies according to the severity of their illnesses, developmental needs and privacy concerns.

    How can I support the Holston Valley Generations campaign?

    Your gift to the Holston Valley Generations campaign will make it possible for us to provide the absolute best care to our region's women, infants and their families.

    If Holston Valley has touched your life, or the life of someone you know, please consider enrolling in the Generations campaign's Little Footprints Club.

    You also have the option to make a one-time gift to the Center for Women and Infants or a recurring donation at whatever level reflects your passion and commitment to the project.

  • Support women's and children's health – make a gift to the Generations Campaign

    Support a bright future for women's and children's care in our region. Enroll in the Footprints Club or make a gift to help build the new Center for Women and Infants.

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