Hawkins County Memorial named Center of Excellence for general cardiac care

Hawkins County Memorial Hospital has been recognized as a Cigna Center of Excellence for general cardiac medical care.

One of the keys to the honor is Hawkins County Memorial and the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute’s successful treatment of heart attack patients through the Level One Heart Attack Network. This program is a coordinated effort between caregivers at the scene, the emergency department and the cardiac catheterization lab at the hospital.

The Level One Heart Attack Network empowers medical professionals in the field to perform electrocardiograms on a patient and transmit the test to the emergency department for evaluation. This enables a physician in the emergency department to confirm a heart attack during patient transport, so the cardiac catheterization lab can be mobilized to work on a patient as he or she arrives.

Through the Centers of Excellence program, Cigna annually evaluates hospital patient outcomes and cost-efficiency information. More information can be found online at www.cigna.com/CentersOfExcellence.