• Community Benefit and Stakeholder Relations

  • A passion for caring for others is at the heart of everything we do at Wellmont Health System. Our co-workers donate thousands of hours of their personal time to educate our patients on health and wellness, and Wellmont supports a variety of community organizations by providing volunteers and financial contributions. A significant portion of our budget each year is devoted to community benefit. We invest in the future of our vocation by training the next generation of caregivers, and we support innovation and medical advances through clinical trials and research. Most significantly, we deliver care to those in our community who cannot afford to pay.

    Our work isn’t always easy. But it is rewarding. It is often inspiring. And it honors the sacred trust we share with our community stakeholders. Last year, Wellmont provided more than $94 million in community benefit. But we receive so much more in return.

  • Report Summary

  • Uncompensated care

    Our commitment to our communities is to provide superior, compassionate care to every patient we serve, regardless of an individual’s ability to pay. Our hospitals provide a full write-off of charges for patients with incomes less than twice the federal poverty guidelines and a 60 percent write-off for uninsured patients above that income level. Our physician groups provide similar discounts. We provided more than $77 million in uncompensated care during fiscal 2012. We also provide a number of services for which little or no payment is received, as Medicare, Medicaid and state indigent programs do not cover the full cost of those services.

    Donations to community organizations

    Some opportunities are too big for us to handle alone. So we partner with other community and philanthropic organizations to share resources and best practices, using our combined efforts to make a real impact on local, and sometimes global, health issues. We support our communities through partnerships with a variety of organizations, including the United Way, local YMCA affiliates, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the American Cancer Society, Children’s Miracle Network and more. In fiscal 2012, Wellmont donated more than $500,000 to community organizations. Additionally, our co-workers contribute tens of thousands of hours of their personal time supporting organizations such as these.

    Training and education for healthcare professionals

    Every investment in our employees is an investment in our communities. We support training for physicians, nurses, medical students and other healthcare professionals. We also provide real-world experiences and training to nursing students and medical residents through internships, externships and residency programs. Additionally, our co-workers have access to tuition assistance at area colleges and universities and leadership classes through Wellmont University. Wellmont invested more than $6 million in healthcare training and education in fiscal 2012.

    Community health education and outreach

    Our role as a health system extends well beyond the walls of our hospitals and into the communities we serve as we work to improve the overall health status of our region. Several programs to help achieve this goal include free screenings, health fairs, support groups, medical libraries and health seminars offered throughout our service area. In fiscal 2012, Wellmont provided more than $5 million in community health and outreach programs on topics ranging from weight loss to joint pain. We also offered free screenings to promote the early detection of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other health concerns.

    Clinical trials and research

    Medicine is an evolving science, as new treatments and best practices are discovered every day. We’re proud to help lead this effort through a variety of medical research initiatives and clinical trials across a host of different disciplines. From studies to improve the care in our neonatal intensive care unit to the latest cancer drugs and treatments, we are building a legacy of continuous care improvement. Last year alone, Wellmont provided more than $89,000 in clinical trials and research, which allowed more than 1,200 patients to benefit from cutting-edge studies led by Wellmont caregivers.

    Caring for our communities

    Often, the time and talent of our co-workers can help prevent illness or injury. By using their expertise to educate our communities, Wellmont’s employees, physicians and volunteers extend our healing environment beyond their normal work days and into their personal lives, collectively volunteering nearly 110,000 hours to help others in fiscal 2012.

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