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  • Forward With Vision

    Wellmont Health System officials have launched a process to evaluate strategic options for the organization's future, including the possibility of aligning with another health system. The Wellmont board of directors and leadership team will spend this year engaged in an exploratory process with healthcare experts to evaluate how Wellmont needs to evolve to thrive in the future.

    By proactively beginning this process, we are taking our future into our own hands and will create a stronger health system for our community. Visit forwardwithvision.org to learn more.

  • Guiding principles

    In consultation with national experts, a special committee of the Board has begun a process to assess strategic options for the organization's future. The guiding principles that will govern this assessment are:

    • A strong commitment to Wellmont's mission, vision, values and operating philosophy
    • Significant financial strength to advance medical, technological and organizational innovation and to develop new care models for the good of the patients and communities it serves
    • A contribution to long-term economic development, the advancement of healthcare services and employment opportunities in our region
    • A strong vision for the importance of philanthropy, good stewardship of donated funds and community benefit
    • Optimization of information and medical technology systems
    • A robust physician network and physician recruitment capacity and commitment to physician leadership
    • An extensive knowledge and resource base to optimize operational, financial, clinical and purchasing systems
  • News and updates

  • Update on our strategic options from Wellmont's chairman

    7/30/14 - I am excited to share an update about where we are in charting the right path for Wellmont's future. The Wellmont Board of Directors met at length last night and made the decision to narrow the list of six potential health system partners to three, including a regional system and two significant health systems beyond our area, all of which are not-for-profit organizations.

    This is another important step in a deliberate process set in motion by our board more than a year ago. But there is still much work to do. The selection of a potential partner which can meet our high standards and discerning partnership criteria is not expected until this fall, at the earliest.

    We are not ruling out any options and will consider all viable possibilities

    7/27/14 - In January, Wellmont Health System announced it was exploring whether alignment with another health care organization would better support our mission to provide superior health care with compassion. Our board of directors decided that, under the right circumstances, alignment with another health system would be long term in the best interest of the citizens in our region. So far, we have dedicated a full year and a half to this decision-making process. Our board is not ruling out any options and will consider all viable possibilities, including potential regional solutions.

    Impressive new chairman leads the way for Wellmont

    7/22/2014 – As we begin a new fiscal year, we have new members joining our boards and new chairmen to lead these bodies. Wellmont is fortunate to have a seamless transition from one outstanding chairman of the Wellmont board, Buddy Scott, to another, Roger Leonard.

    Letter from the CEO and Board Chair

    6/11/14 – We are pleased to introduce Wellmont's Fiscal 2013 Report to our Communities. As we reflect on a year of accomplishment, we also look to the future and are pleased to share an update on Wellmont's strategic options process - Forward with Vision

    Since our last update, Wellmont has issued requests for proposals from organizations interested in strategic alignment. Our leaders have set aside considerable time to meet with health systems that wanted to learn more about Wellmont. The result: Wellmont has received substantial interest and a number of proposals from a variety of sophisticated health systems.

    An Update From The CEO

    5/2/14 – The process of assessment will be underway in the coming months. We anticipate several potentially viable options will emerge, and the ultimate decisions reside with the Wellmont Health System board of directors. You can have confidence that the board's wisdom and commitment to our communities will ensure a deliberate, unhurried and thoughtful process.

    No formal decisions have been made and the due diligence work we are doing now is bound by confidentiality agreements. Any speculation or information you hear that conveys any definitive decisions have been made is simply not true. I commit that as soon as any definitive agreements are reached, we will communicate quickly and clearly.

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    Debra Hill’s physician told her she would be dead in five years if she didn’t lose weight. Now, six years later, Debra’s health has completely turned around.

  • Comments from our patients

  • Auxiliary member receives well-deserved award

    Barbara Caruso

    No good deed should go unnoticed – and that’s certainly the case for Barbara Caruso, vice president of the Mountain View Regional Medical Center Auxiliary.

  • Nationally recognized care and services delivered close to home

    Wellmont consistently ranks among the nation's best for high-quality outcomes and processes of care in cardiology, orthopedics, stroke, spine, cancer, primary care and ambulatory services. These awards and accolades help reaffirm Wellmont as the low-cost, high-quality provider of choice in our area.