• Healing Environment

  • Wellmont Health System offers expert treatment from many of our region’s top physicians, nurses and caregivers. Their roles involve curing diseases using some of the most modern methods available. They have a desire to cure, and they are among the best at what they do.

    Wellmont’s Healing Environment introduces Shepherds, specially trained and empowered caregivers who exhibit a passion for helping patients heal – physically, mentally and spiritually. These Shepherds are dedicated to creating healing spaces around us, healing attitudes within us and healing relationships between us.

    The Healing Environment focuses as much energy on healing patients as it does on curing diseases. In a Healing Environment, patients are the focal points. Decisions are made and actions are taken with our patients first and foremost in mind.

    The Healing Environment is not a new concept. Its principles are rooted in the basic concepts of medicine and in the idea that we are each capable of being a Good Samaritan. At times, that may involve the simple offering of a kind word or a compassionate heart. And the Healing Environment acknowledges that sometimes, when that is all we have to give, it is also what is most needed.

    The Healing Environment is more than a program or a set of guidelines for care. It is a concept that takes care to another level and a set of principles that promotes true healing. It is the right thing to do for our patients.

  • What does the Healing Environment symbol represent?

    The Healing Environment symbol represents the Good Samaritan and shepherding abilities we all embody.

    • The Shepherd’s open arms are an expression of welcome and represent a place of comfort and help in difficult times.
    • The Shepherd’s face – a face without distinct features – is symbolic of all people and the Good Samaritan in us all.
    • The Shepherd’s flowing robe is symbolic of times past and our heritage of healing body, mind and spirit.

    Wellmont employees who wear a pin with this symbol are actively involved and serve as Shepherds for the Healing Environment.