A good catch can save lives

One of Bristol Regional Medical Center's Shepherd teams recently tackled that problem head-on, developing a method for co-workers to become more vigilant with error reporting.

The team created the Good Catch program to identify medical errors and recognize co-workers for their dedication to patient safety. When employees make good catches by identifying errors, they are rewarded with Good Catch pins, credited at staff meetings and given the opportunity to sign a Good Catch softball.

At the end of this year, the Good Catch Shepherd team plans to collect the signed softballs and display them in a showcase highlighting Bristol Regional's good work and attention to detail.

Each department also tracks its good catches through a logbook, which is reviewed monthly by the hospital's medication safety team. The team then identifies a Good Catch of the Month co-worker, who is recognized on the hospital's TV monitors, as well as at hospitalwide leadership meetings.

"It is our hope that the Good Catch program will lead to long-term, sustained quality improvement at Bristol Regional," said Matt Bledsoe, the hospital's pharmacy clinical coordinator and sponsor of the team. "And if our patients are in a safer environment, they are in a healing one, as well."